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67 Leighton Meester Lyrics For When You Need An Instagram Caption

You know you love her.

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1. Make a move, do the thing, turn around, strike a pose.

2. You say hello, I say goodbye. 👋

3. Woke up late today and I still felt the sting of the pain.

4. Got dressed through the mess and put a smile on my face, I got a little bit stronger.

5. 'Cause I'm just a summer girl. 💃

6. And who needs a boyfriend, I've got my girlfriends. 💁

7. I'm an amnesiac, forgot what it's like to be happy.

8. I wasn't free, always in cuffs.

9. Doing fine all on my own, 'cause I know that this was right for me. 😎

10. Tie my heartstrings, I tie my heartstrings off.

11. You try to catch me when I'm finally free.

12. You ask me if I could try to take a bite, I will 'cause, oh, I got that appetite. 😋

13. I've gotten my own car, I've gotten my own style.

14. Every time I think about the way I used to laugh, I'm swimming in the sun. 🏊

15. A haunted soul, and yes, I know that it's all immaterial.

16. I'm only dreaming that the cobweb's gone and the lights are on.

17. Leave me behind in peace, asleep.

18. I am a child caught in the rain. ☔️

19. I swam 'til I almost died, I gave in, I came close. 🌊

20. I become a wild thing. 🐯


21. Gimme music now, I need it. 🎼

22. Faster, louder, keep it going all night.

23. Tell the DJ girls are ready leave that beat to drop. 🎧

24. This music makes my heart sing. 🎤

25. I know you see me with my body moving out of control.

26. No I never slow down, whether you like it or not.

27. This beat's electric baby, shockin' me right down to my soul.

28. I got the fire, I'm wild. 🔥🔥

29. I never tired, don't stop.

30. I can move my body, body, you know I like to party. 🎉🎉

31. Gotta lose it, wanna move it.

32. Bodies poppin', never stopping.

33. Paris, France to Michigan, London town and through Berlin. 🌏

34. I'm gonna start a fire, you're gonna feel the heat.

35. Now I'm having my own fun, looking out for number one. 🙋

36. Louder than the stereo. 📻

37. My body is shaking and I want more.

38. But now I've got a spark, gonna light a fire, and watch it crumble.

39. My bumper sticker reads: "Drink 'til he's cute." 🍸

40. I've got a new tattoo, I think you'll like the view.

41. And when I let my hair down, that's when the party starts.

42. We'll make that scene when the DJ plays "Dancing Queen." 💃

43. Everybody get up on your feet, everybody gotta shake your body.

44. It's hard to find a mate when you're gone before he wakes. ⏰


45. The way you make my body move, I think I'm addicted.

46. You're all I need, your love's a drug. 💊

47. Stupid song made me think of you.

48. Her hair is Harlowe gold, her lips sweet surprise. 👩‍❤️‍👩

49. All the boys think she's a spy, she's got Bette Davis eyes.

50. I'm not too delicate to love, but I'm not to delicate to break.

51. Come, find yourself lost within these hips. 💏

52. Is there somebody who still believes in love?

53. There's got to be somebody, I search around the world.

54. I'll use my eyes to draw you in, until I'm under your skin. 💑

55. I'm in your eyes, in a crashing wave. 👨‍❤️‍👨

56. Baby, I'm your slave, if you said so, I would. 💋

57. I'm calling, calling to say that I wish you were here. ☎️

58. Blue eyes of my lover, eyes of my man — green in the morning and blue afternoon.

59. Be sweet, over and over again. 💕

60. When we finally touch, sends me flying in space. 🚀

61. But you're so lovely, I can't behave myself.

62. There ain't no disguising, our heartbeats interlace. 💖💖

63. In your eyes, I fall asleep soundly. 👀

64. You made me want you, man, and nothing more, you made me say, "Oh my God."

65. I was fighting for you. 💪

66. Run away home with me. 🏃

67. You came around, making me feel so sweet.

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