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    32 Times Zara Larsson Was The Queen Of Twitter

    Zara Larsson is a 17-year-old Swedish singer and Queen of Twitter.

    1. When she stood up for Caitlyn Jenner.

    If you still call Caitlyn Jenner a "he" you're the kind of person I don't wanna know

    Tell 'em, Zara!

    2. She's totally not afraid to tell what's on her mind.

    People be like "omg that's Bruce" bitch no. It WAS Bruce. It IS Caitlyn.

    You go girl!

    3. She didn't give up the fight.

    💅💅💅💅 she's gorgggg. SHE is gorgeous. Caitlyn is a woman, a beautiful one.

    4. When she was the funniest girl around.

    I'm in London. Rihanna is in London. I could only mean one thing, Rihanna is stalking me.

    It feels like Rihanna is watching us right now.

    5. When she wasn't afraid to make fun of herself.

    "Det är bra att ha bra självförtroende men inte FÖR bra!" #KanyeWestjagärenGud

    Derpy face FTW

    6. Whenever she posts awesome selfies.

    How long can you resist her?

    7. When she joined the movment against "meninist".

    8. And wasn't scared to share her feminist opinions.

    9. Yes we can.

    You can be a feminist who wants equality but still be a sexual human being

    10. When she just told the truth.

    People who slutshame women are the worst kind of people


    11. When she clearly said that reversed racism and reversed sexism are bullshit.

    When people say reversed racism and sexism exists

    12. When she was on Amber's side.

    13. When she bowed down to Queen Beyoncé.

    She's just like us.

    14. Twice.

    And she's quoting her!

    15. When she was fangirling.

    30 days til OITNB 😍😍😍😍😍

    She's also a big fan of AHS and Game of Thrones.

    16. When she gave Nicki Minaj her full support.

    And we know that Nicki is completely right.

    17. And then asked her this.

    18. When she reminded us that "not shaving" doesn't mean "dirty".

    People be calling Miley dirty and unhygienic for not shaving her body hair. You call men who don't shave unhygienic?

    Makes sense.

    19. And showed Miley how much she loves her.

    20. And people answered 50 Shades of Grey...

    For all of you guy saying 50 shades of grey. Is that really the best movie in the world you can think of? REALLY?

    Yeah it totally deserves ALL the Oscars (sarcasm off).

    21. When she just wanted to say how much she loves food.

    I dont UNDERSTAND how people can reject food like this because they're on a diet. I FUCKING LIVE for carbs. LIVE!!!!

    We all live for carbs.

    22. When she told us what color was The Dress.

    Yellow and black, yellow and green, green and white, blue and brown, rainbows, unicorns and wombats!

    23. When she posted this Vine of her mom.

    Bad AF.

    24. When she wanted to share with us how much she loved Blue Is the Warmest Colour.

    Totally recommend you to watch it.

    25. When she personified "a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

    If I see any homophobic, racist or sexist comments on Instagram or Twitter from a random person on a random account they're bloooocked

    26. When she proved she was the greatest dancer of all the times.

    Dancing with Zara.

    27. When she spoke on behalf of most women.

    We are cute as hell! You are cute as hell!

    28. When she wanted to teach us a swedish word.

    Thanks for the info!

    29. When she just wanted us to love ourselves and to be proud of who we are.

    Be proud of you being you. #pride2014


    30. When she posted THIS.

    I don't understand a single word, but there's a pic of Gretchen, so if you make a Mean Girls reference, I'll love you.

    31. When she gave us the best advice.

    You better do what Zara told you to do.

    32. And finally, when she posted this.

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