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    33 "Game Of Thrones" GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Working In Retail

    "You are no king of mine." — Rickard Karstark, former retail worker. True story.

    1. When a customer starts to complain about everything


    I have no time to waste, I'm here to work.

    2. When they wish you a good weekend even though they know that you're working the whole weekend.

    HBO / Via

    Weekend doesn't exist in the retail dictionary.

    3. "Weekend" is a sensitive word, please use it carefully.

    HBO / Via

    "Weekend" sounds like Heaven.

    4. When you realize you're working on EVERY weekend.

    HBO / Via

    Every day feels like Monday.

    5. When you're right and they're wrong

    HBO / Via

    It happens all the time TBH

    6. When you hear the first Christmas song

    HBO / Via

    "Jingle bells, jingle bells, my ears are bleeding".

    7. "I want to talk to the manager!" Well I'm the manager.

    HBO / Via

    Deal with it.

    8. When someone asks, "are you open?"


    Breaking news: we're human beings, we cannot be open.

    9. When a customer calls you by your name

    HBO / Via


    10. When you realize that time is absolutely not passing.


    Five minutes feel like an eternity.

    11. When you realize that SALES ARE COMING!


    Brace yourselves, brothers and sisters.

    12. Talking about sales, this is how it looks to us.


    Be brave, sisters. Be brave, brothers. We will survive if we fight together.

    13. When people are talking about their wives, kids, husbands, cats or dogs for HOURS.

    HBO / Via

    You think we're interested but actually we're more like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , we also have a lot of problems and nobody cares.

    14. What you wish you could do to some kids.

    HBO / Via

    Especially when they're throwing lemons and aiming at your ass. True story.

    15. When some men think that saying "good morning, how are you?" means "hey let's have sex right now."

    HBO / Via

    Same if you're smiling.

    16. What you want to do when a customer comes in two minutes before closing.


    Fight me!

    17. When you say hi to customers and they completely ignore you.

    HBO / Via

    - Good morning!

    - Where's water?!?

    - Excuse me, what did you say?

    - WHERE'S WATER?!?

    - Oh sorry, I thought you said good morning.

    18. "Oh, you're here again?"

    HBO / Via

    Well, I'm working here so.

    19. If you're insulting us and we're still smiling, it's because we're also insulting you but silently.

    HBO / Via

    You have no idea what's going through our mind.

    20. "It's not scanning, must be free HAHAHA."

    HBO / Via


    21. When customers start to fight.

    HBO / Via

    For some weird reasons, it happens always on weekends.

    22. Kids screaming and running everywhere.

    HBO / Via

    No, they are NOT cute at all.

    23. That feeling when inventory is done.


    I've seen hell but it's over now.

    24. When a customer says hi or thank you.

    HBO / Via

    I heard a legend about people who are polite, but meeting them IRL is just as insane as meeting Taylor Swift.

    25. When a customer recognizes you on the bus.

    HBO / Via

    "Did you receive the dress I wanted?"

    26. The "when terrible, horrible customer is not looking" look:

    HBO / Via

    Retail worker have the best resting bitch faces, that's a fact.

    27. When you found out what kind of precious gifts they left for you, in the fitting rooms


    Poop, tampons, pads, condoms, pee, cigarettes, trash, food, price tags, blood.

    28. When they ask you if you're also on sale.


    And they really meant it.

    29. When you finally have a weekend off!

    HBO / Via


    30. And when you have a weekend off but one of your colleague is sick so your boss ask you if you can replace them.

    HBO / Via


    31. But not all of the customers are jerks or idiots. Most of them are kind and funny.

    HBO / Via

    Some are even willing to help.

    32. But if you have to deal with idiots who don't say hi or ask you stupid question just to piss you off, just respond: "Hodor."

    HBO / Via

    33. And keep in mind that: "The aisles are dark and full of terror."

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