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25 Dog GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Life

You didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose you.

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1. When you get home after a night out drinking.

2. When you're at a party and your jam comes on.

3. When you downed too many Tequila shots.

4. When your sibling is being annoying.

5. When your mom made your favorite food but you're on a diet.


Mom, you're the best but you're not helping.

6. When you drop food on the floor but you firmly believe in the five-second-rule.


Let's be honest: we've all been there.

7. When your parents call you by your full name.

8. When your BFF wants to take a pic of you but she's taking forever so you just sit there, smiling awkwardly.

9. When you realize you're late for work.


Blame it on the traffic.

10. When you really want to buy something but it's too expensive.

11. When you said to everyone that you started working out but it only lasted for a day.

12. When you want to impress your crush.


It always ends up like this.

13. When life is so hard, you literally can't even.

14. When you're the only one to dress up for a costume party.

15. When someone touches your hair.



16. When you try to flirt.


Hello there.

17. When you're out with your squad.

18. When your eyebrows are on point.

19. When you hate school sports but the teacher wants everyone to participate.

20. When you overhear your cursh's name in a conversation.

21. When people make out in public.


Stop PDA.

22. When the job interviewer asks you why they should hire you.


One word: TALENT.

23. You VS Adulthood.



24. And finally, when you try to avoid your responsibilities, life hits you in the face.

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