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24 Things All Bisexual People Can Relate To

It's not a phase, how many times do we have to tell ya?

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1. First, here's a friendly reminder that it's not a phase.

Instagram: @tomarnia

We just fall in love with boys AND girls.

2. And yes *whispers* we exist!

Just like our asexual buddies.

3. And we don't care if you don't like us.

We don't have time to waste on you haters.

4. We'd rather use our energy for more important things.

Like love. 'Cause all we need is love, right?

5. We are just as real as you are.

But you can still call us "ethereal" if you'd like.

6. It's always a bit awkward when you're still in the closet.

Trying to act straight at family gatherings like πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #GrowingUpBi

7. And well, coming out isn't as easy as it seems.

#growingupbi parents:"Are you straight" ...I mean I like boys *sweats uncontrollably*

8. Stereotypes are the worst.

What being a bi girl is like part 2 #GrowingUpBi #BiGirlProblems

Via BuzzFeed

9. You're really open to any questions, but sometimes you just want to give up.

#GrowingUpBi "You can have a girlfriend and a boyfriend right? Cause you'd be in a straight and gay relationship?"

10. People automatically assume that you're greedy or a cheater.

Person: are you gay? Me: no, I'm bisexual Person: oh so you're gonna cheat on your partner? #growingupbi

11. Because, apparently you can't be bisexual, you're either gay or straight.

#GrowingUpBi also everyone debates whether you're "gay and just won't admit it" like

We don't see life in black and white, we see life in Colors!

12. Sometimes, it feels like the whole world is against you.

looks like I cant wear it #ichbinlustig #growingupbi

13. We're not horny predators.

#growingupbi coming out to a girl & later on mentioning she's pretty & she gets defensive about how shes not gay like take a compliment plz

14. In fact, we're just like you.

#GrowingUpBi watching a sex scene in a movie and not knowing who ur more jealous of

15. You cried of happiness because of Oberyn.

HBO / Via


16. And love this song.

17. You hear this at least three times a day.

Instagram: @jackolaternsinjuly

18. For some weird reasons, everyone wants you to pick a "side".

We don't choose with whom we fall in love, it just happens.

19. And no, being bi doesn't mean that you're into threesomes.

When I told my ex I was bi and he said "dude that's hot. Id totally watch" #growingupbi

20. Everyone seems to be obsessed with our love life and how we live it.

#GrowingUpBi "wait that's real?" "it's for attention" "just a phase" "that's hot" "but have u dated both?" "r u sure"

β™« Why you so obsessed with me? β™«

21. But you've mastered the art of bouncing back.

Instagram: @thelgbtfeminists

22. And ~lesbi~ honest, you just want to love somebody β€” you don't care what the other people say.

Instagram: @thelgbtfeminists

23. People think that because you're bi, you're most likely to date more people.


24. And if people still question your existence, you just gotta remind them daily:

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