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22 Times Pedro Pascal Was Human Perfection

He's our champion.

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1. You know him as Prince Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones.


2. More like O- BAE - ryn, amirite?



3. He's handsome, funny, and sexy.

HBO / Via


4. He's so awesome that he stars in Sia's music video "Fire Meet Gasoline" alongside the German supermodel Heidi Klum.

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Is he fire? Is he gasoline? He's both!

5. And he's so funny even Willem Dafoe can't resist his sense of humor.

6. He's an adventurous traveler.

7. He's a bookworm.

Please, read us a bedtime story.

8. He's very good at selfies.

Look at the way the natural light hits his perfect face. Tyra would be so proud.

9. And it allows us to admire his perfect jawline.

10. Some of his selfies are just too cute to be true.

11. He's a daydreamer.

What are you dreaming about, Pedro??

12. He looks good in a suit.

Nothin' suits him like a suit.

13. Like, really good.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in bonus.

14. He's a sailor scout and totally proud of it.

"In the name of the moon, we will avenge you!"

15. He's a nature lover and we're so grateful he shared this perfect ~view~ with us.

You know what view we're talking about. *winks*

16. He doesn't hold grudges.

17. He's friends with REALLY COOL PEOPLE.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Sarah Paulson.

18. Seriously, this is the definition of #squadgoals.

19. And did you know that he was in an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer? / Via

Buffy is totally a Lannister.

20. Five minutes into Buffy The Vampire Slayer & chill and he gives you this look.

The WB / Via


21. And when he stopped by BuzzFeed to take his revenge on the Mountain.

BuzzFeed / Via


22. Keep illuminating our lives, for you are the moon, the sun and the stars of our lives.

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