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    21 Reasons Daniel Norris Is Absolute Human Perfection

    AKA the man who shaves his face with an axe.

    1. He shaves his face with an axe. That's right β€” an axe.

    Katherine Williams / Via Facebook: DanielNorris32

    2. And in general he's good with his hands.

    3. He looks good in a cowboy costume.

    4. He loves his fans.

    5. He can fly.

    6. And he's dreamy to look at.

    7. He's goofy as can be, and his smile will melt your heart.

    8. He can wear a beard better than any guy ever.

    9. He absolutely loves his van.

    10. He's just a simple man who enjoys simple things.

    11. He's a nature lover.

    12. His man bun is on point.

    13. *Fans self*

    14. He loves camping β€” and he looks great doing it.

    15. He's a hella hot surfer too.

    16. He makes for a hunky Santa.

    17. He loves his family more than anything else.

    18. He's an awesome photographer.

    19. His arms are perfection. πŸ’ͺ

    20. He's a family man.

    21. Absolute. Human. Perfection.

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