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    Posted on Feb 6, 2016

    19 Signs You've Worked In Retail For Too Damn Long

    Welcome to retail hell.

    1. You've realized it's become really hard to interact with other people, and you just kinda hate everyone.

    United Artists

    2. And it's not because you're a bad person, it's all because of the retail life. It ate your soul.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    3. You just can't deal with people's bad jokes anymore.


    "Are you working here? Are you open? It's not scanning, it must be free. Can I buy you?"

    4. You've grown a thicker skin because people are always being rude to you.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    5. So you have no problem with being totally, brutally honest.


    6. Your sacrasm is so sarcastic that it's not even sarcasm anymore.

    Warner Bros. / Legendary Entertainment

    7. One of your secret favorite activities involves watching customers argue over products in the aisles.


    8. You don't even want to talk to anyone or answer their questions.


    Like: "Can I get a discount on this?" Um, why? Do you have a coupon? Is it your birthday? Are you dying?

    9. You've perfected the art of the side eye, simply because you've needed to give it so much.


    10. You don't even try to hide that you're annoyed anymore — in fact, you want everyone to know how annoyed you are.


    11. Simply hearing the words "smile," "weekend shift," and "discount" make you irrationally angry.

    Showtime / Via

    Let's not forget: "Sunday Funday" and "Can you look after my kid?"

    12. And working in retail made you really hesitate to have children one day — you now know them as the small humans who scream, run, break things, and make everything in your store sticky.

    FOX / Via

    13. You actually LOVE when a customer says the famous phrase, "I want to talk to the manager," because you know every goddamn rule, and will be proven correct.


    Bitch please.

    14. Sometimes, you wonder if it's worth it to even GO to work, because you know that you'll never be able to finish all you have to do thanks to customers who are ALWAYS interrupting you.


    *Sigh* Milk? It's right behind you.

    15. And you're done with people who want you to check the backroom. It's not some magical place where you can find all of your heart's desires.


    16. Your resting bitchface is so on point that you're pretty convinced your actual face is stuck that way.


    And your smile now looks super creepy, because you've almost forgotten how to do it properly.

    17. Finding presents like poop, bloody tampons, and used pads left in dressing rooms barely faze you anymore.

    Mercury Nashville / Via

    18. It's getting harder and harder to keep cool and stay calm when someone asks you about your weekend.

    Fox / Via

    "Weekend" is a sensitive word in the retail world.

    19. And finally, you don't even try to be nice when people come in one minute before closing and they take a goddamn shopping cart.

    Welcome to retail hell.

    Warner Bros. / Via

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