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    21 Reasons You Should Follow This Dog And Squirrel Duo On Instagram

    The cutest best friends you'll ever see!

    1. Meet Callie the mini Aussie Shepherd and Stewart the squirrel.

    2. They live in Southern California and have been best friends since day one.

    3. Tbh, they're the cutest animal BFFs you'll ever see.

    4. They nap together.

    5. They play together.

    6. They take care of each other.

    7. They love to strike a pose.

    8. Look at this beautiful smile!

    9. If you look carefully, you'll find two tiny paws that actually belong to a squirrel.

    10. Stewart is also really photogenic โ€” I mean, look at this beautiful, tiny face.

    11. Selfie game strong.

    12. As in every friendship, there are occasional rough patches, like this time when Callie ate Stewart's nut.

    13. Follow this cute and funny duo, and you'll see a lot of derpy faces...

    14. ...some incredible side-eye...

    15. ...cute videos...

    16. ...and funny pics.

    17. But more importantly...

    18. will see...

    20. ...of LOVE!

    21. Follow @dog_and_squirrel for more cuteness. You won't regret it!

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