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21 Reasons John Boyega Is Human Perfection

More like John Boo-yega.

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1. Please, take a seat. We need to talk about John Boyega, aka Human Perfection.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

2. Most of us know him as "Finn" in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via

3. But before Finn, he was Moses in Attack The Block.

Screen Gems / Optimum Releasing / Via

You didn't watch it? You should watch it, now.

4. He's modest, down-to-earth, and soo sweet.

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5. He has a big sense of humor.

6. And he will never miss a chance to make us laugh.

The press tour got to BB-8 but so glad I was able to help !

Aw BB-8 <3

7. Just look at his Instagram and you will smile without even realizing it.

Instagram: @john_boyega

8. He met Sir Ian McKellen when he was a kid.

Childhood memories with @IanMcKellen Weeks before guildhall speech exams. His words stuck with me, thanks sir.

How cool is this?

9. He loves to surprise his fans.

Two unsuspecting SW fans watching the trailer before the movie. Had to interrupt.

11. He's radiant and nobody can resist his beautiful smile, not even Lupita Nyong'o.

Instagram: @john_boyega

That purple suit though.

12. He can use a lightsaber.

Instagram: @john_boyega


13. He used the Force to impress Kylo Ren.

Instagram: @john_boyega

And it worked, look at Kylo's face.

14. He hangs out with cool people.

Instagram: @john_boyega

16. This is how he reacted to the Star Wars trailer.

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17. He loves London and London loves him.

18. He's a sensitive and generous young man.

@JohnBoyega reconnects with an old teacher! #StarWarsatSTC


19. Stay the same, John, don't ever change.

Netflix and chill tonight. Like seriously...without the girl! lol!

You are our number one!

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