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20 Signs You're A Kid Trapped In The Body Of An Adult

Mom, I need to go to the doctor, can you call for me please?

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1. You hate it when your mom isn't avaible so YOU have to call the doctor to make an appointment.


2. You refuse to act or dress like an adult.

NBC / Via

3. This is how you react when you hear the word "responsibilities" or anything synonymous with that word.

Fox / Via

That's not for me, sorry. I didn't sign for that shit.

4. People (well, your parents mostly) keep telling you that you should grow up.


But you always know how to answer.

5. At work, you always try to act and look professional, but the truth is that you've no idea what you're doing.

NBC / Via

You just want to go home and watch your favorite channel - it's probably Cartoon Network.

6. Everything that involves bills, insurance, paychecks, and rent makes you want to cry.

7. Sometimes you try — you really try hard — to act like an adult... / Via NBC

and you fail.

8. You wish you could run away and leave this whole "adulthood" thing behind.


Or better: you wish you could turn back time.

9. You're truly happy to see that your friends are getting married and that they're getting kids, but it's not for you.

Warner Bros. Picutres / Roadshow Entertainement / Via

10. Yet, those same friends will be the first to judge or criticize your way of living.

11. “Am I making the right decision?” is a question you’re always asking yourself.

12. You feel like time is going by too fast.

ABC / Via

And it's not a feeling, it's a real thing. It's getting faster and faster.

13. It seems like everyone around you knows what they're doing — everyone but you, that is.

14. You're tired of thinking about everything, so you just let it go.


"Someday, I'll figure it out, probably. Or not."

15. Job interviews make you want to scream...


How the hell am I suppose to know where I'm going to be in 5five years? I don't even know where I'm going to be in 5 minutes!

16. You're the boss of procrastination.

MTV / Via

This is who I am. Love me or leave me.

17. You tend to love animals more than people.


Because they don't judge you and they love you, no matter what.

18. You often hear that you're living in a dream or in a fantasy.

Lava / Republic / Universal / Virgin / Via

So what?

19. You often think about the good old days.

Fueled by Ramen / Via

And you want them back because it feels like everything was easier back then.

20. And finally, this GIF perfectly sums up your life.


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