19 Magical Beards That Are Better Than Christmas Itself

    'Tis the season!

    1. This delicious beard.

    2. This radiant guy.

    3. This luminous dude.

    4. This sparkling man.

    5. This happy dude.

    6. This guy who smizes better than anyone.

    7. This VERY happy Santa.

    8. This Mr. Frost with festive makeup.

    9. These two besties.

    10. This extremely photogenic dude.

    11. This rather surprised man.

    12. This beautiful piece of art.

    13. This minimalist look.

    14. This smiling dude who shows off his big balls.

    15. This man we wish we could kiss.

    16. This elf who's ready for Christmas.

    17. This outdoorsy guy.

    18. This laughing Santa.

    19. And finally, this innovative version of a Christmas beard.

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