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    18 Times "Game Of Thrones" Perfectly Summed Up Dating

    "I am the god of tits and wine" or not...

    1. You VS the dick pics on every social media or dating app.

    2. When your best friend does their best to keep fuckboys away from you.

    3. When you decide to ~hunt~ again.

    4. When you're fighting dragons but bae is home alone so you just ride through fire to get to them ASAP.

    5. When you participate to your first orgy.

    6. When you try to sext but end up sending the text to someone else.

    7. When you are in the same room as one of your one-night-stands and pretend not to see them.

    8. When you resist the urge to watch Game of Thrones without your S.O. and they are thankful you didn't.

    9. When you texted them at 5:12pm and they didn't reply at 5:13pm so you jump to conclusions.

    10. When the dick is thick.

    11. When you try to flirt.

    12. When you know you're going to have sex tonight.

    13. When you see your crush kissing someone else.

    14. Before and after getting a facial.

    15. When you're at a family dinner and your aunt Carol keeps asking you questions about your love life.

    16. When you see your ex.

    17. Anal. Sex. Without. Lube.

    18. And when oral sex finally makes you cum.

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