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    17 Times "How I Met Your Mother" Accurately Depicted Having Your Period

    It's going to be bloody legendary.

    1. When you had your period for the first time in your life:

    2. When you start crying for no reason:

    3. When it lasts more than five days:

    4. When you have the weirdest cravings and are hungry all the time:

    5. And when food has a weird effect on you:

    6. When your S.O. is breathing too loudly:

    7. When you thought it was over and decided to wear nice underwear, but it came back like a never-ending waterfall:

    8. When you manage to calculate the exact day your period will start:

    9. When you convince your other half to have sex while you're on your period:

    10. When you have cramps that are basically hell:

    11. When you are taking a bath and your period decides to join:

    12. When you sneeze and feel like your underwear is covered in blood:

    13. When you tell your friends your period is late:

    14. When someone says "it probably doesn't hurt THAT much":

    15. When you want to have oral sex but your period comes:

    16. When your flow is so heavy you need more than regular clothes:

    17. And when it's finally over:

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