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16 Things Only People Who Grew Up Emo Will Understand


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1. This was basically a sext to you:

2. Your side bangs were your only protection from the real world.

3. Black was more than a color to you — it was a way of life.

#growingupemo wearing black even though it's 90+ degrees outside

4. Instead of taking notes, this is what you did in school:

5. You spent more time at Hot Topic than at home.

6. And so half of the accessories you owned were studded, because it was the ~look~.

7. You had, and forever will have, the G note syndrome.

8. You would stay up all night trying to perfect Pete Wentz's smokey eye, but would never succeed.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

9. You knew which record label deserved all of your money (Well, your parents' money, tbh).

Paramore, Panic, AND Fall Out Boy?! Hire me.
Twitter: @PhoenixOwlHeart

Paramore, Panic, AND Fall Out Boy?! Hire me.

10. This was, and still is you:

11. This is how you felt putting on skinny jeans.

Revolution Studios

12. This was an unfortunate truth:

when fall out boy song titles were longer than any relationship you've ever had #GrowingUpEmo

13. You wrote your favorite lyrics or band names on your Converse, and you and your friends would take pics like this:

#GrowingUpEmo you took at least one picture like this

14. This thought pops into your head about every other day:

15. Even as you got older, you STILL felt like no one understood you.

16. But no matter where you go in life, this will always be true:

Fueled By Ramen / DCD2

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