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16 Faces Only People Who Are 30 And Single Will Recognize

No, my biological clock isn't ticking. I smashed it a long time ago.

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1. When you're at a family gathering and you have to deal with stupid comments and questions.


"Think about your ovaries, darling" - your aunt.

2. When your mom texts you: "I met an adorable person on the train today, you have so many things in common, they will call you in a minute".

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3. When one of your family members asks if you've "found the right one" yet.

4. When one of your friend starts to brag about how they're married, have two children, and just bought a house.


Well, good for you...I guess.

5. When people keep posting weird pictures of their kids on Facebook.


Kids pooping, kids crying, kids smiling, kids screaming, kids ruining the kitchen.

6. When people think that you're single because you're too selfish or heartless.

CBS / Via

Can we live our life, seriously?

7. When everyone wants to tell you how to live your life and you just don't give a single fuck anymore.

8. When people call you a careerist.


Who's the boss?

9. When people talk about your biological clock.


I smashed that damn clock a long time ago.

10. When people ask you, "where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

11. When someone asks if you're bored all alone at home.


LOL, being single doesn't mean that we don't have a social life.

12. When you see "we are so pleased to announce..." EVERYWHERE on Facebook.

Fox / Via

Is this an epidemic? What the hell is going on?

13. When you hang out with your BFF who's also single and you're having a blast.

Young Money / Cash Money / Republic / Via

14. When it's been months since the last time you had sex and you start to feel a little bit horny.


15. When you're able to watch your favorite TV show, interruption free, with a glass of wine.


Yes, it feels like heaven, especially after a long day at work.

16. And when you realize that you don't care what people think or say about you: you're happy this way and that's all that matters.

CBS / Via

*Dance by myself in underwears and totally love it*

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