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    13 Pictures Of Reggie The Cat That Prove He Is Indeed The Most Majestic Kitty On Earth

    This cat is LITERALLY prettier than me.

    1. Hello hooman, please meet Reginald (AKA Reggie), the most majestic kitty on earth.

    2. Reggie is made of fluff and clouds, it was scientifically proven.

    3. He loves nature.

    4. He knows his classics.

    5. He is a fashionista.

    6. He loves to binge-watch his favorite shows on Netflix.

    7. Pink looks amazing on him.

    9. He has the cutest smile

    10. He knows how to strike a pose.

    11. And (you probably noticed) HE IS EXTREMELY PHOTOGENIC.

    12. So, would you like to see more cute pics of Reggie?

    13. You're welcome.

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