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    How To Make Graceful Curls To Show Your Sensitive Nature

    The quick and easy hairstyle that you can make yourself at home with the help of a flat iron. Such curling method fits good both women with long hair and short hair.

    Follow this tutorial to make curly locks in a matter of 10 minutes

    Supplies you will need:

    * Flat iron

    * Hairspray

    * Heat protectant spray for hair

    * Hair brush ( I use the tangle teezer brush)

    * Tall comb

    * Claw clip

    1. Brush your hair

    Prepare your hair: wash it if it's dirty; comb it out.

    2. Apply a heat protectant spray on your hair

    Use a heat protectant spray every time you make a hairstyle with a flat iron, a hair dryer or a hair straightening brush.

    3. Separate your hair into two sections

    Sectioning off the hair will make the whole curling process easier. Do not skip this step and you will see the better result and save much time.

    4. Fix the upper section with a claw clip

    You can use clips or barrettes to fix your hair as well.

    5. Clamp a small hair strand between the plates of the flat iron close to your scalp

    The smaller the section, the easier you'll find your curls to manage, especially as you're getting started. You can spray the section with your heat protectant spray one more time and comb the section thoroughly.

    6. Turn and pull the strand

    Move it a half turn. Slowly pull the flat iron along the entire length of the strand. The more slowly you pull, the more expressive curls will be.

    7. The strand will be curled in such a romantic manner

    If your hair is very hard to style, use a hairspray before curling each strand. But do not overdo with it. It can damage your hair. There are a lot of other ways to curl hair with a flat iron.

    8. Move on to the next strand until your entire section is curled

    9. Fix the section with a hairspray

    The best strategy - to spray the result with a hairspray multiple times. You can also fix each strand separately.

    10. Make two more sections

    Remove the claw clip and section off the upper part of hair into two more sections.

    11. Set loose the upper section and fix the upper one with a claw clip

    12. Repeat the step 5-6.

    Curl every strand of both sections step by step.

    13. Fix your hair the last time and enjoy the result!

    Don't forget a final spray with a firm holding hairspray to lock your curls in for the whole day.

    Some advice for the long-lasting effect and protecting your hair:

    * If your flat iron does not have thermal protection and you do not have a heat-protectant spray, use a coconut oil.

    * For the best result, straighten your hair before curling.

    * Do not try to curl wet hair. It can burn and damage your hair.

    * It is better to use ceramic flat iron, it is not so harmful for hair.

    * The more densely you hold the flat iron, the better curls will turn out.

    * Do not hold the iron too long, otherwise, you can burn your hair.

    * Carefully comb your hair before curling.

    * Do not afraid if you see that your hair is "smoking". This is thermal protection works. However, if you smell your hair, it's worth stopping. In this case, you need to reduce the temperature setting.

    * Always use heat-protectant sprays before curling. They will help you save the health of your hair.

    * Before using the flat iron, make sure that your hair is clean, otherwise, the iron can damage your hair.

    * For an extra volume, try the mousse. First, moisten the hair, apply the mousse and let the hair to dry. After waving, fix the result with a hairspray.

    Hope this article is useful for you. The next one will be about straightening with a hair straightening brush. Stay tuned!

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