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Reasons Why You Will Love Mirissa –Living a Tropical Fantasy

Where do you go if you are looking to experience it all when vacationing in Sri Lanka? Does whale watching, sampling curry flavoured local dishes and lazing away on a pristine sandy beach sound good? The good news is Mirissa offers it all!

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The Aforementioned “Pristine Beach”

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Making a decent claim to its “tropical heaven” reputation, Mirissa beach features that idyllic atmosphere, clean turquoise waters and pristine silvery sand. The beach is not overcrowded and the exotic palm trees bordering the beach offer a sense of privacy.

Accommodation that does not break the bank

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Although the surrounding area features expensive resorts, modern and comfortable accommodation is still available at surprisingly affordable prices in places like Esprit d’ici Hotel.

Local Cuisine

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What is visiting Sri Lanka without a little curry on your plate? A stunning tourist attraction, Mirissa also comes with great places to dine at, be it spicy, exotic and mouth-watering local cuisine or the sumptuous international culinary creations. However, if you taste the local cuisine, there is a great chance you might not go back to traditional Eggs Benedict the whole time you are in this paradise.

Whale Watching

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To cap off an ideal Asian getaway, Mirissa offers the incredible chance to catch a glimpse or two of a gentle giant swimming around in the waters or a mischievous somersaulting dolphin. If you visit Mirissa during the whale watching season from October to May, do not forget to hit the seas on a boat offered by the many companies found by the beach.

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