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  • Wang Warriors

    Episode 27 of The Meth Minute features an unprecedented reunion of the legendary hip-hop supergroup The Wang Warriors. All the members are back on stage together for the first time in years… and this crew rolls deep. Really really deep.


    Corduroy. So cool in the summer. So warm in the winter. If denim is the fabric of the working man, corduroy is that of the thinking man. Almost as comfortable as sweat pants and with the right shirt, it can be worn at even the chicest of parties. Miles Rohan is the founder of the Corduroy Appreciation Club, a members-only social club for people who feel just this way about the fabric. “Emulating old, secret societies and social clubs, the Corduroy Appreciation Club seeks to create a community and, in turn, a sense of fellowship rooted in the historic and culturally significant fabric known as Corduroy. As a social club, the CAC has membership cards, traditions, by laws, strange rituals, a secret handshake and meetings.” Meetings at Brooklyn’s Montauk Club have been attended by cord-aficionados like Jonathan Ames and Lord Whimsy, while awards have honored “exemplary usage of corduroy” by the likes of Betsy Franjola (Manager of Fabrics at Karl Lagerfeld), Chris Lindland (Inventor of Cordarounds), and Vahram Mateosian (Tailor of the corduroy suits for The Royal Tenenbaums).

  • Mr. Glasses

    Mr. Glasses attends a cocktail party where he is berated by insulting requests for frivolous structures. Kitty, Hard Hat and Sean help him recover his confidence and devotion to his bedrock philosophy.

  • Oxytocin Party | Intelligent Love

    Recently, I was invited to attend an Oxytocin Party.** I know that this may sound a bit strange and something one would only find in Northern California. The fact is it was very enlightening; the goal was to educate those attending on the beneficial affects of oxytocin. Each person at the gathering had the opportunity to have a one-to-one consultation with a licensed homeopathic doctor. If, after the consultation, the individual felt oxytocin might be beneficial to them they had the chance to try a dose. Some people attending had already tried the oxytocin lozenge but for others this was their first experience.

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