Vic Wit
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    • Vic Wit

      When my son was just over 1, he was a friendly, wandering sort. One day we were in a restaurant for a get together and he started wandering off after dinner. I quickly followed him but not before he’d gone up to several tables to say “hi”. One table was obviously a young guy and woman on a date. I guess the guy looked a bit like my husband (wavy auburn hair), so my son ran up to him squealing “daddy”. The guy looked shocked, I was embarrassed as I retrieved him, but the woman took one look at me and one look at my son reaching for her bf and stood up, hissed, “another one?” and then stormed from the booth. I quickly started to apologize as the guy stumbled out to chase after his date. You could hear a spoon drop at all the other tables. Good times!

    • Vic Wit

      My son was 2 and I was several months pregnant with my daughter. My husband was working late, so I was alone when I heard the distinctive sounds of my son throwing up in his toddler bed. When I got to his room I discovered he was projectile vomiting (stomach flu) - EVERYWHERE. It was caked in his hair, all over his bed, down the wall behind his bed, etc., etc. He was naturally hysterical. On a good day I have a bad gag reflex when it comes to seeing or hearing vomit, but pregnant (suffering from horrible morning/ all day sickness) I’m a loaded gun. I scooped him into my arms and dashed to the bathroom as he continued to throw up on the way, over me and onto the floor. This set me off until I was heaving too - trying and failing to catch as much of it in my hand as possible. Fun fact - being pregnant, especially with a second, means the added bonus of poor bladder control. The force of me gagging triggered a “leak” so that I left a trail of pee in the hallway from his room to our bathroom. Still gagging, I washed my son in the tub and set him on the couch while I did my best to clean his bed (and not vomit more). This is how my husband found us. My son, washed and cranky, and me, scrubbing vomit off his bedroom wall. Thankfully, he went into awesome dad mode and took over for me, but not before noticing the trail of “wet” down the hall. He asked if our son had had an accident too. I admitted, in the smallest voice ever, that it was me. We had recently moved into our house so it became a sort of christening moment. We still laugh over it to this day. I’m now pregnant with our third.

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