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    10 Quotes Proving Minnesota’s “Mini-Trump” Deserves The Title

    Let us introduce Minnesota’s own “Mini-Trump,” Jason Lewis, who is running for Congress against openly lesbian progressive candidate Angie Craig. His bigoted views make his “Mini-Trump” title well-deserved. Take a look yourself:

    1. “In fact, if you really want to be quite frank about it, how does somebody else owning a slave affect me? It doesn’t… Uh, you know if you don’t want to own a slave, don’t. But don’t tell other people they can’t.”


    Sure, Donald Trump says slave-owning President Andrew Jackson was “great” and “had a history of tremendous success for the country,” and his outreach to Black Americans exposes his tremendous ignorance. But legalizing slavery?!?! (Source)

    2. “You’ve got a vast majority of young single women who couldn’t explain to you what GDP means. You know what they care about? They care about abortion. They care about abortion and gay marriage. They care about The View. They are non-thinking.”

    Reducing women to abortion-loving gay-obsessed know-nothings is one thing, but to imply they all watch The View is insulting. (Source)

    3. “Forget about an unarmed man, of course I have the right to shoot an unarmed man.”

    His opponent Angie Craig says Americans “should be focused on common sense ideas to curb the ongoing threat of gun violence.” We assume NOT shooting unarmed people is part of her gun violence prevention plan. (Source - 59:42)

    4. “Now the latest is allowing transgendered students to use the rest room or locker facility of their choice. That is an abomination that no school district should adopt.”

    “Abomination” seems a better word for an extremist politician that publicly attacks kids who want to pee at school. (Source - 48:25)

    5. "The problem is it’s [Latinos] the fastest growing population in the country… America, has been committing political suicide—has been committing cultural suicide… I don’t want to make a racial thing out of this but white people are not having kids… It means you gotta go in there and educate, you gotta go in there and convince and persuade… White births are already in the minority in California, so you know culturally it’s key to do this."

    All this crap about Western civilization’s cultural superiority is evidence he has never seen Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. His opponent Angie Craig says she will “work tirelessly toward making sure every family lives in an America where they feel safe and valued.” (Source)

    6. “Gay couples are no more discriminated against than the polygamist, the drug user, or the loan shark.”

    Or there is his opponent Angie Craig: “There is still so much work that needs to be done in this country to eliminate discrimination against members of the LGBT community in housing, in the workplace, [and] in adoption, among other areas.” (Source: 6.Power Divided is Power Checked, Jason Lewis, pg.116-117)

    7. “…the median income for blacks in America would make them rich in most African nations, not most - all.”

    Yeah, white Americans’ median income would make them rich in most African nations too. What’s your point? (Source)

    8. “…Global warming theory… looks weaker every day… Across the globe, the last few winters have been exceedingly harsh. The global-warming hysteria is based on computer models, not empirical data, because the records simply don't go back far enough.”

    And then there is Angie Craig: “When I'm elected to Congress, I will fight to protect the environment, address climate change, and create jobs in the clean energy sector.” (Source)

    9. “Maybe it’s time somebody said ‘white lives matter.’ Because friends, if you look at data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, that’s who the victim typically is—white person in an interracial crime. And the perpetrator is usually a person of color.”

    First, his “statistics” are bulls***t. Second, Black Lives Matter. (Source - 3:20)

    10. “I write things, I say things because I hold them near and dear … I’m not about to walk away from them.”

    He's not joking folks. That quote must strike fear among the Minnesota Nice voters. (Source - 2:03)