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12 Queens We Would Love To See On Rupaul's All Stars Drag Race

Rupaul's Drag Race has delivered some of the most memorable, controversial and hysterical queens. After bringing back some of our favorite queens from the past in season one of All Stars, Ru revealed that a second season is headed our way. Here are some queens we'd love to watch lip sync for their lives all over again.

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1. Willam

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Willam is by far one of the most controversial Drag Race contestants having been the only queen to ever be disqualified from the show. However, she's still a fan favorite, she can act, she can sing, she's not afraid to speak her mind and most importantly she's HILARIOUS.

2. Roxxxy Andrews

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She might've been the queen of mean on her season, but there's a few things you can't deny, Roxxxy can slay a lip sync, is extremely polished and gave us this legendary wig reveal, that alone should earn her a spot.

3. Shangela Laquifa Wadley

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It's been a while since we've seen Shangela pop out of a box and I think we are overdue for it to happen again. Since her last appearance on Drag Race, she's traveled the world, released a parody of Uptown Funk and even broke her leg doing a death drop, if that's not commitment I don't know what is.

4. Victoria Porkchop Parker

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Hear me out on this one. She was the first queen to ever be eliminated on Drag Race, 6 seasons and a season of All Stars later, it's time to give this queen a chance at redemption.

5. Alaska Thunderf**k 5000

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Not only is Alaska a fan favorite but she also managed to make the top 3 in her season. Since then it seems like she has taken over the world, she's modeled for American Apparel alongside Willam And Courtney Act, has acted on stage and her recently released album hit the top of the charts, need I say more?

6. Katya Zamolodchikova

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I think we can all agree that Katya was the fan favorite for season 7, in fact fans couldn't get enough of her at the Drag Race reunion this year. Not only is she hysterical and possibly a little bit crazy, she can also deliver during a lip sync. P.S. If you haven't check out her Youtube channel, do it now! You're welcome.

7. Alyssa Edwards

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Alyssa spent most of her season arguing with her rival Coco Montrese but still managed to deliver some of the season's most jaw dropping performances. Since the show she's been continuing to teach at her dance studio, touring the world with the Haus Of Edwards (Shangela & LaGanja) and has taken over the internet with her hilarious series Alyssa's Secret on Youtube.

8. Phi Phi O'hara

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Phi Phi was dubbed the mean girl of her season after many a confrontation with other queens and still managed to make it to the top 3. Not only did she utter one of the most famous phrases of the season "Go back to party city where you belong" but her look has dramatically evolved since her time on Drag Race, check out some of her Cosplay looks and get ready to GAG!

9. LaGanja Estranja

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LaGanja entered her season with a bang, literally. Though it seemed like the competition got the best of her, she still managed to become one of the most quotable queens in the history of Drag Race with phrases like "Okurrr!" and "I feel very attacked right now!" She's done alot of growing since her season and we all know she can deliver when it's time to perform.

10. Ongina

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Not only did she deliver one of the most iconic moments in Drag Race history when she revealed that she was HIV positive but she also served up her own unique style of Drag separating her from all of the rest of the queens in her season. She made some appearances on Drag U and even a cameo in season one of All Stars, plus it will be nice to see her outside of that weird season one filter.

11. Kennedy Davenport

afternyneblog / Via

Not only did she manage to make it to the top four of season seven, she also delivered one of the most hilarious snatch game characters as Little Richard. And as far as her lip sync skills go? Well, she calls herself the Dancing Diva of Texas and has no problem showing you why.

12. Detox

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Detox served flawless look after flawless look on her season, she uttered some of the season's funniest catch phrases such as her signature "I've had it." Detox has no problem delivering in a lip sync or calling out other queens on their antics. Plus, it would be interesting to see how she'd interact with Willam after the break up of their group DWV.

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