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12 Essentials Every Adult One Direction Fan Should Have On Hand At A Concert

So you’ve finally embraced your One Direction obsession. You’ve realized that there is no turning back and have decided it’s time to go see the British/Irish sensation in concert. Here are some essentials that you will need to survive the madness.

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1. Alcohol

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Here’s the thing, you remember what it’s like to be a pre-teen and go to your first big concert. The entire ordeal involves a lot of screeching and tears. That however does not mean that your adult ears or patience will be able to handle an entire stadium’s worth of it, so you know…drink up!

2. Sunglasses

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Now these come in handy in a variety of ways. The moment that Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis enter the stage can be a very emotional experience for anyone, what better way to shade your emotions then with a pair of shades? If you are that rare breed of closeted fan that runs into the venue hiding behind objects hoping you’re not spotted by someone who knows you, these help to round out the perfect disguise. And I guess they are good if you are sensitive to light or whatever.

3. A Straitjacket

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No this one isn’t for you, it’s for that crazed ten year old that was brought by their mom or dad who clearly has no control over their child. What better way to put an end to the kicking, flailing and or object throwing? I’m sure the boys will thank you later when they can avoid events like the one pictured above.

4. A Dad And Or A Baby

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If you know anything about Harry Styles, aside from the fact that he is made from all of the things that are good in the world and wears jeans that are so tight they would crush anyone else’s legs, it’s that the guy loves Dads and babies. He makes it a point to acknowledge at least one of each at every concert. So if you’re looking to get his attention it’s pivotal that you have one or both with you. Whether it’s your actual dad or child is up to you, just remember WE DO NOT ENDORSE KIDNAPPING.

5. Atleast One Other Friend Your Own Age / Via

Remember when you’d go on school trips as a kid and you used the buddy system? Well that will come in handy during your concert, not only will your friend help to remind you that you aren’t the only person your age there, they’ll also be an asset when you ultimately get into a fight with a deranged parent over the last t shirt or poster at a merch table.

6. A Therapist And Or Life Coach

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This one is optional but recommended solely because there will come a point during the concert when your love for the boys will erupt from your body and slowly begin to envelope your entire body. The best way to describe it would be the feeling of drowning, if you were drowning in a mini pool as One Direction sang in harmony surrounding you. You’ll definitely need someone to coach you through this the first time. A very experienced fan always works as a substitute.

7. Advil or Aspirin

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This one kind of speaks for itself. You can pop it in Mid show when Harry is running from one corner of the stage to the other or on your long journey home the show, but take my word for it, you will need it and your body will thank you for it in the morning.

8. More Alcohol

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. As the screeching builds to its crescendo the alcohol will help prevent your ears from bleeding and/or your head from exploding. This will also come in handy when the boys perform “Act My Age,” Niall is doing an Irish Jig and you suddenly begin having happy hour flashbacks.

9. Boxing Gloves

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Now I don’t endorse violence, but if someone is in the way of you and your favorite member feel free to pull a Ronda Rousey. These also come in handy when those pesky signs get in the way of you getting a good shot on your camera. Reserve these for only the most drastic of situations, VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER...

10. A Portable Charger / Via

I think it’s safe to say that we have officially become a social media obsessed society, so it’s no surprise that you’ll basically have to live stream the entire concert via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram , Snapchat and Tumblr so the entire world can know that you are there…You’re an ADULT.

11. A Box Of Tissues

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If you have never watched One Direction perform their hit song “Little Things” live then you will definitely need an industrial box of these. The best way that I can describe it is, remember that moment when Rose lets go of Jack’s hand in Titanic? Or that moment when Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling run into each others' arms in the notebook? How about that one video of a three legged dog surviving against all odds that your friend posted on Facebook? Prepare to feel all of those things at once.

12. A Good Attitude

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This might be most important one of all. You shouldn’t feel any shame for loving the music or artists you like, your age does not dictate what you find enjoyable to listen to (unless you’re talking Kidzbop then you might need to rethink your choices) or how much love you can have for an artist or group as a fan. You have just as much right to be there as everyone else. The boys are doing everything they can to make sure you have a great experience so, take in the moment and have the best possible time.

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