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    17 Things Gay Men Want You To Know About Giving Blow Jobs

    Because when you have the toy, you know how to play with it.

    BuzzFeed Brazil asked their gay male followers on Facebook: "What should everyone who performs oral sex on a penis know?"

    Everything in this post is about individual experiences from whoever gave the tip, whether it be about giving or receiving oral sex.

    1. The road to happiness.

    "Sucking the balls is essential, but then use your tongue to trace that little line between the scrotum and anus (aka the perineum). That's when he'll really lose his mind." —Valdir Pires

    2. Watch out for the explosion.

    "Oral sex isn't just about the penis, but the whole area around it too. It's like a bomb, and the penis is ground zero, but there's a whole shockwave that goes out from there. Kiss his inner thigh, and the part of this groin between his thigh and scrotum, and the scrotum itself, etc." —Fagner Macedo

    3. Tossing the salad.

    "Get rid of the stigma that rimming is just something for gay men. Anyone with a penis feels pleasure. You don't have to stick a finger in, and it's definitely enough to just touch the outside. It obviously needs to be clean, but then use a lot of saliva and do a circular motion around the anus, as well as running your tongue up and down the anus-to-scrotum hotline." —Fagner Macedo

    4. You talk and I'll listen.

    "Men's pleasure is tied to what they see and hear as well, so let out a few moans as if you were tasting something truly delicious. Then add in some eye contact, and that will really make a difference." —Fagner Macedo

    5. The male "G-spot."

    "If you're both adventurous, and you're down for exploring your partner's anus, the male G-spot (which is actually the prostate) is about one finger-length from the entrance. To stimulate it, all you need to do is use light pressure and massage with your finger as if you were pointing up towards the penis. If you do this while sucking him too, watch out for surprise ejaculation, because he won't be able to control himself." —Fagner Macedo

    6. Go slow.

    "If the guy's not circumcised, he's probably going to be a little (or a LOT) sensitive around the tip of his penis. Pulling back his foreskin and going to town may not be the best idea. It's best to take it slow and avoid turning the pleasure into torture." —Anonymous

    7. Hello, dentist?

    "Be VERY careful with your teeth, ESPECIALLY if you wear braces. One time when I was going down on my boyfriend, while I had brackets on the backside of my teeth, my boyfriend's foreskin got caught on it and he was writhing in pain. He ran into the bathroom bleeding, but was too ashamed to go to the hospital. We spent two months without sex while he recovered, but now we're back to normal (amen). I asked my dentist to remove the bracket on my next visit." —Anonymous

    8. Cleanliness, please.

    "I've given and gotten, and the one fundamental thing to remember is HYGIENE! People, it's fucking nasty to suck a dick that hasn't been washed, or just after a guy has used the bathroom. Some people might like it, but I find it disgusting." —Michael Mariano

    9. Drool, baby! And...that's it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    "Drool a lot." —Pedro Nogueira

    10. Sharp tongue.

    "Your tongue is your best weapon! With the right little touches and motions in just the right places, the whole experience is much better than just an endless up and down with your mouth. That goes for both the giver and receiver." —Gabriel Bernardi

    11. Down the side, like you're French kissing.

    "Do a lot of licking. Make it wet and do it without inhibitions. Lick the sides using your tongue and lips like you're French kissing. And don't forget the scrotum. Lick it slowly, and don't rush past it. Deep-throat only if you both agree on it, but always do everything without rushing and while respecting one another's limits." —Sidney Santos

    12. No special products.

    "Don't bother with applying oils, moisturizers, or perfumes. They'll just leave you with the taste of bleach in your mouth." —Sidney Santos

    13. Mouth closed.

    "My partner goes nuts when I purse my lips really tightly and make it feel like he's penetrating a really tight anus." —Rafael Soares

    14. Wow.

    "I love giving oral, and I think it's absolutely essential to be thirsty for it when you're giving head. You've got to take it all, then look up and swallow. Damn. Just thinking about it makes me want to give some head right now." —Fabiano Santos

    15. Eye to eye.

    "You've gotta go all the way down to the base of the shaft, or else there's just no point. Oh, and maintaining your gaze is everything." —Fernando Graça

    16. Careful with the balls!

    "Use a circular motion on the head of the penis, and pay attention to the balls too. But be careful! You're not trying to rip them off." —Luís Sá

    17. Important: enjoy.

    "If you're doing it grudgingly or solely for his pleasure, just don't do it." —Anonymous

    This post was translated from Portuguese.