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    17 TV And Movie Tropes That We Call Bullshit On

    First of all, TV producers, that's not how hacking works!

    1. So first of all, people in TV shows and movies are running into each other like, all the time. LITERALLY.

    2. Damning messages are still being left on answering machines.

    3. The scary thumps in the night are always just because of the cat.

    4. Detectives can't solve anything unless they tape pictures and documents up on the wall.

    5. If the hero and the enemy aren't sleeping together, then they're both at least very attractive, and there's tension that they might.

    6. People will pass up an entire breakfast buffet for a piece of toast in the morning, apparently.


    Who does that???

    7. People are also able to hack into highly complex security systems in a matter of seconds.

    8. People who take off their glasses instantly become hotter.

    9. Bobby pins and credit cards can open even the most securely locked rooms.

    10. One punch can knock a person out:

    11. Whenever characters turn on the TV, it's always something highly relevant to their current life or an important news segment that has to do with the plot:

    12. The good guys always try to show mercy to the villains, and of course, it always goes south:

    13. The villain always takes the time to fully explain their plan and intentions, conveniently.

    14. When the hero is outnumbered, the villains always have the decency to attack one at a time.

    15. There's always rain during funeral scenes, romantic first kiss scenes, and anytime someone's been dumped.

    16. People who need to disguise themselves always fall back on a hat, wig, and sunglasses.

    17. And finally, people always have to go and investigate where the mysterious noises are coming from, instead of, oh, idk, RUNNING THE FUCK AWAY AND CALLING 911??

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.