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    20 Things Gay Guys Want To Tell Their Heterosexual Women Friends

    "I'm not your pet homosexual."

    1. Having gay friends doesn't automatically free you from homophobic attitudes.

    2. "You don't look gay" isn't a compliment!

    3. Not every gay guy is into decor or fashion.

    4. I'm not your pet homosexual.

    5. You don't need to use gay slang to be cool.

    6. Just because your acquaintance at work is gay doesn't mean we're going to hit it off.

    7. A beautiful gay man is not a waste.

    8. I don't need to have had sex with a woman to know that I'm gay.

    9. I also have problems in my love life.

    10. Before telling me I'm going to be the father of your children, did you ever think that I might want to have kids of my own, with my husband?

    11. We don't have "gaydar."

    12. A gay man is also a man.

    13. A relationship might be passive or active, but it's an intimate choice made by the couple.

    14. Don't feel like the only time you can call me is when you want to go out and get wild at a gay club.

    15. Sexual orientation doesn't define a person.

    16. Not all gay guys are open when it comes to the subject of sex.

    17. Not every gay guy enjoys anal sex.

    18. I can call my friend a fag. You can't.

    19. A gay person isn't a circus clown.

    20. Embrace the LGBT cause for real.

    This post included participation from Luca Bacchiocchi, Rafael Arrais, Diego de Oliveira, Antônio Neto, and other gay guys who shall remain anonymous.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.