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15 Homemade "Frozen"-Themed Birthday Cakes That Tried, They Really Tried

Let them goooo.

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You, a resident of this planet, are familiar with the movie Frozen, also known as the highest-grossing animated film of all time. For some reason, it's inspired a slew of themed birthday cakes — and the results are, well, a little less than magical...


1. Like this one, which just wasn't sure how to replicate a winter wonderland with frosting:

2. Or this one, which TBH gets points for creativity with the blue "shards" of ice:

3. This one has an interesting take on Elsa's hair...

4. And this one is trying to be Olaf. It's really trying.

5. But it would seem that making a cute little snowman cake is actually much harder than it seems...

6. His carrot nose appears to be a particular sticking point:

7. Again: Pixar-animated braids are hard.

8. So are Pixar-animated human dimensions, honestly:

9. We're sure this, um, tastes delicious, at least?

10. Same for this one:

Poor Olaf.

Poor Olaf.

11. This one's actually not bad...

12. Though this one might just give your kiddo nightmares, idk...

13. This set of cupcakes is certainly going to be memorable...

14. Though I'm not sure it's any better than these:

15. The secret to a successful Frozen-themed cake? This might be it:



This post was translated from Portuguese.

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