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    Posted on Apr 28, 2017

    19 Hot Guys With Armpits That Will Leave You Thirsty AF

    Are these guys hot or what?

    1. Seriously, how can you ignore these armpits?

    2. Just an armpit with his best friend...

    3. Imagine an armpit looking at you like this.

    4. I'm speechless.

    5. This, my friends, is what a real armpit looks like.

    6. This armpit looks like it just remembered something.

    7. And this mature armpit knows what it wants.

    8. Look at this bad boy. Hot or what?

    9. Ever wanted a tattooed armpit like this?

    10. Or tough armpits.

    11. Armpits at the gym? H.O.T.

    12. Armpits that make you want to marry them.

    13. Model armpits.

    14. Nice to have armpits like these around the house.

    15. Nautical pits.

    16. Armpits for laying out on the floor!

    17. Really strong armpits.

    18. No words for this one, just feelings.

    19. You win, armpit. That's it.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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