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    Updated on Mar 29, 2019. Posted on Mar 23, 2017

    19 Rich-People Home Decor Items That Would Make Your Tiny Apartment A Little Less Sad

    The dream isn't to live in a mansion... it's just to have a really cool door.

    1. This is a pivoting door, also referred to as a "rich person's door."

    It's actually not any different from a regular door from a functional standpoint. But people enjoy it nonetheless.

    2. Futuristic showerhead.

    Twitter: @elephantiggy

    It looks more like a cross between a car wash and a nightclub. Fabulous!

    3. A kitchen island.

    Twitter: @ForYouTataW

    It takes up a lot of space, but that's not an issue if you're rich and even have a dinner table in your kitchen that you never use.

    4. Marble sink.

    Bet you this wouldn't fit in your tiny bathroom.

    5. TV in the kitchen.

    And also in the bathrooms. TVs everywhere!

    6. A set of matching pots and pans.

    Very different from the current state of your kitchenware, which resembles a hodgepodge of items found somewhere deep within a lost and found.

    7. Hermetically sealed glass tupperware.

    You can smell the difference between leftovers kept in these babies versus your danky 3-day-old Chinese food (still in the original takeout container).

    8. Trash can with sensor.

    Only the very rich have enough money to splurge even on items like trash cans. In your house, the trash lid is held together with duct tape.

    9. These stools that you can't sit on.

    Twitter: @IsadoraSGulak

    These things cost more than all the chairs in your house combined, but they're uncomfortable as hell.

    10. Alcove in the wall.

    Forget about that old shampoo holder hanging from your faucet.

    11. "Terminator" style washing machine and dryer.

    Ever think of getting one of these things for your laundry room? It'll give you all the more incentive to get your clothes dirty!

    12. Two-story high ceiling.

    Twitter: @leobertoldo

    The kind where you need to put in scaffolding just to change a light bulb,

    13. Looooooong table.

    Long enough that you have to send a text message to the person sitting on the other end to get their attention.

    14. Bed full of pillows.

    It takes at least 30 minutes to get under the covers on this thing.

    15. Wood-free fireplace.

    Anyone know how to light one of these fireplaces?

    16. Water dispenser on the refrigerator door.

    Imagine, if you will, a new way of life, freed from the torment of filling up your glass with water from the tap.

    17. Coffee in capsules.

    "Hey, want a coffee? Just wait a sec while I push one of these buttons."

    18. This faucet.

    With all its many features, the only thing missing is to be able to use it as a shower.

    19. Unique chandelier.

    Twitter: @twelftholdorf

    A chandelier like this costs at least 300 minimum wages and it'll probably break if you ever try to dust it off.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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