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Excuse Me, But We NEED To Talk About Iran's World Cup Steam, I Mean, Um, Team

Are they all models?? Is this a team of models????

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Like all of the national teams competing at the World Cup this year, Iran recently released a series of team photos...

Instagram: @alirezajb_official

...and let's just say it's proof that soccer is, indeed, the beautiful game.

Instagram: @alirezajb_official

Have you ever seen such splendor?

First of all, there's this hunky striker, Alireza Jahanbakhsh, who is welcome to get ~forward~ with us any day:

Instagram: @alirezajb_official

And if that isn't enough for you, here's a close-up of another fetching AF forward, Karim Ansarifard:

Instagram: @kariiiiim10

And before we forget, Reza Ghoochannejhad is a striker, too, and also very casually smokin' hot??

Instagram: @rgucci16

How could you have anything but total confidence in this trio's ~scoring~ abilities???

In the midfield, we have Saeed Ezatolahi, who clearly moonlights as a Calvin Klein model in his free time:

Instagram: @saeedezatolahi

As well as Masoud Shojaei, who gets mistaken for a soap opera star at least every other day, we are pretty sure:

Instagram: @masoudsshojaei

Over on defense, let us introduce you to Ramin Rezaeian, whose tongue alone should be enough to win this entire shebang:

Instagram: @raminrezaeian

As well as Morteza Pouraliganji, who is 2000% smoldering at us here and we can't even do anything about it:

Ozan Kose / AFP / Getty Images

And last but most DEFINITELY not least, this is the goalie, Amir Abedzadeh.

Instagram: @abedz

Dude can guard our net any day. ANY. DAY.

So, to recap: Iran's World Cup team is absolute #goals, and you bet we'll be cheering them on to go alllllll the way.

Instagram: @sardar_azmoun

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This post was translated from Portuguese.

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