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    12 Questions That Are Impossible To Answer Sincerely

    Come on, tell the truth.

    1. You're having a nice time at a family dinner and your aunt asks you if you think she's fat.

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    Why, Aunt Janis? Why??

    2. Oh look, here comes that cute granny of yours who only gives you sucky presents, and then asks if you loved them.

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    The next day, no doubt about it, you're at the mall exchanging it.

    3. When you're just about to go out for a night on the town, and your friend shows up, dressed to impress, and asks if you like her clothes.

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    What are ya gonna say? "No, go home and change"??

    4. And the next day, your buddy texts you and asks if you think he made a fool of himself at the club.


    Is this hangover not punishment enough?

    5. When a new mom catches you looking at her baby and asks you if you think he's a cutey.

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    Like there's any way for you to disagree.

    6. You're at the hair salon, minding your own business, and the lady next to you asks if you like her new hairstyle.

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    And you're gonna have to keep sitting there for at least another hour.

    7. Your troublemaker friend always picks fights on the Internet and then asks you if they were in the right.

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    Watch out. Her next victim could very well be you.

    8. When your friend has just started dating someone new and already wants to know your opinion on their relationship.

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    What if you tell the truth and then love ends up winning out?

    9. You're at some family member's party out of obligation and they come up to you and ask if you're having a good time.

    Via Twitter: @compadrewash

    When really you could be in bed watching Netflix.

    10. You go to a friend's house for the first time and she asks if you like the decor, which she's done all by herself.

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    Hmmm, to tell the truth or to have a pleasant evening... I guess that answers the question.

    11. When someone you love dearly cooks you something that you absolutely hate and then asks you to have a taste.

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    Love truly does move mountains.

    12. Your friends throw you a surprise party, you hate birthdays, and they ask you if you loved it.


    Sometimes it's better to not lose a friend (or a roomful of friends).

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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