9 Things That Are As Satisfying As They Are Disgusting

    You're disgusted at first, but then you realize you've been watching blackheads being squeezed for half an hour.

    The following images are strong and may cause discomfort, unless you're into that sort of thing.

    1. Why is something as disgusting as removing a giant plug of earwax so pleasurable to watch?

    2. Don't act as if you've never been enthralled by a video of someone removing an ingrown hair before.

    3. Deep down, we're all a little obsessed with squeezing blackheads.

    4. This one is too much, but apparently a LOT of you get deep gratification from watching sebaceous cysts being removed.

    5. Nobody has ever used a pore-cleansing strip without looking at it afterward, and a lot of people seem to like to check out other people's' masks and strips too.

    6. Feet are another constant source of fascination for bored internet users, and for some reasons, people LOVE watching these bizarre callus treatments.

    7. There's absolutely no reason why a video of fungus being cleaned off a toenail should go viral, and yet...

    8. I don't know who's getting so much sadistic pleasure out of watching an ingrown nail be removed, but videos of the procedure are awfully popular online.

    9. But there are even more people who enjoy watching braces being removed after years of waiting.

    Whew, you made it to the end. Here's something nice to help clear your head!

    This post was translated from Portuguese.