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Jan 12, 2018

15 Ways To Live A Way More Sustainable Lifestyle

For one thing, cool it with the paper towels, y'all.

1. BYOB (that's Bring Your Own Bags) to the grocery store.

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Instead of going through ghastly amounts of plastic bags every weekend, use grocery shopping as an excuse to show off your tote bag collection!

2. When you can, shop at a local farmer's market or produce stand.

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That's where you can get fresh, local foods that aren't packaged to the nines or shipped across the country.

3. Got leftovers? Freeze them!

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Your freezer is the ultimate ally when it comes to not wasting food. Freeze herbs, vegetables, fruit, and anything you would normally throw away to add to your next smoothie or soup!

4. Save all the crap that collects in your kitchen sink to compost for your houseplants.

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Composting is the process of transforming organic matter from your garbage into fertilizer. The way it works is quite simple, and you can buy a composter for just over thirty dollars on the internet. You can also learn how to make a homemade composter here.

5. Find creative ways to cook with kitchen scraps.

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Vegetable skins, stems, and peels can make for an excellent homemade broth.

6. Phase bottled water out of your life.

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Carry a reusable water bottle around, bring a glass to work, and invest in a Brita pitcher if ya fancy.

7. Swap out coffee capsules for an old-fashioned coffee maker.

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Coffee capsules and pod-based coffee makers may be all the rage, but they're also a consistent source of disposable plastic containers. If you're recycling those Keurig pods, cool. But also, you can just invest in an old-fashioned coffee maker and skip the pod life altogether.

8. Invest in a microwave popcorn popper.

As delicious and quick to make popcorn as those individual packets, but without all the packaging (and extra oil!).

9. Don't pour cooking oil down the drain.

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Cooking oil is one of the worst pollutants that our homes produce. Always make sure that you're disposing of cooking oil properly (i.e. not down the kitchen sink drain!) so that it doesn't clog up sewer pipes, and consider investing in an air fryer to use less oil in general.

10. Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.

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Whether you're going for a workout or wiping down the counter, having a microfiber washcloth always on hand will help curb your habit of grabbing a paper towel or tissue every other minute.

11. Recycle or reuse packaging materials.

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To explore the wild, wonderful world of mason jar crafts, we refer you to the entirety of Pinterest.

12. Ditch the straw!

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Pour one out for all of the millions of straws that were used for literally five minutes before getting thrown away, will ya?

13. Make buying secondhand a regular shopping habit.

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Instead of heading to the latest fast fashion retailer for a style update, make it a regular thing to hit up a thrift shop or secondhand store instead.

14. Move all of your bills to an online payment system.

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If you set up an automatic payment system, you'll never get a paper bill in the mail again.

15. And finally, take some time to actually **learn** about recycling.

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It sounds very kindergarten 101, we know, but there are loads of websites and actual classes for anyone who wants to learn more about how to properly recycle (and better understand ~consumption~ overall).

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This post was translated from Portuguese.

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