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    18 Rich People Bathrooms You Wish You Could Poop In

    No joke, a few of these are bigger than some houses.

    1. This bathroom is essentially just a house. It's so big that it fits a rug, plants, flowers, family portraits...

    Throw in a fridge and a TV and you could just rent it out.

    2. This rich guy's bathroom has more floorspace than a pilates studio.

    3. Imagine being so rich that you could just throw money away on a floor like this one.

    Twitter: @WWWilton

    Madness. Pure madness.

    4. You've got a little bathmat by the shower to keep from getting water everywhere. Moneybags here doesn't even have glass or curtains around his shower.

    They probably hire someone to mop the floor every time they take a shower.

    5. Can you imagine how much work it must take to keep this whole bathroom handprint-free?

    Reprodução / Via

    You'd need a dozen people on hand to spray the whole room down with glass cleaner every time you went to the bathroom.

    6. These rich people have so much space in their bathroom that they decided to put in a little coffee table, like a reception area at a doctor's office.

    All that's missing are the fashion magazines and Highlights to kill time.

    7. Look at this damned shower. It's like a tropical waterfall.

    Twitter: @frasesdequenga

    When I die, please bury me here.

    8. This shower is perfect for when a whole indoor soccer team needs to take a shower at your place.

    9. And this tycoon's faucet is so beautiful that it should be used for baptisms.

    10. Some bathrooms are so chic that they've got vertical blinds, and chandeliers, and curtains.

    11. There are bathrooms so big that you won't even hear a peep from anyone else in your mansion while you're doing a number two.

    "Please conduct yourself to the west wing, as I shall fart."

    12. Anyone can put a television in their bathroom. Imagine having a working fireplace as well.

    I would never leave the tub.

    13. At least he doesn't have to worry about any of the neighbors catching a glimpse of him naked when he's taking a bath.

    14. This bathroom is so lush that they even managed to fit the Amazon rainforest inside of it.

    15. And this one is so swanky that it even has its own oceanfront balcony.

    16. Have you ever worried about stepping into a shower and being transformed into one of the X-men?

    This thing has Project X written all over it.

    17. Or this shower where, instead of just washing yourself, you get obliterated by five jets of water.

    18. And some rich people have toilets with lighting inside them so they can really make sure everything goes down all the way.

    Oh, to have that kind of glorious wealth!

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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