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    Don't Tell Dua Lipa, But We Kind Of Have A Crush On Her Dad

    Give us a call, Mr. Lipa. We've got no rules ;)

    Assuming you're reading this from planet earth, you're probably familiar with Dua Lipa β€” or at least heard her chart-topping hit, "New Rules."

    Warner Music Group

    After starting out as a teen recording YouTube covers, the now 22-year-old English artist is signed with Warner Music Group. Her self-titled debut studio album, released last June, included several bangers including "New Rules" and "Be the One."

    And, thanks to one Twitter user's important observation, there's a new crucial detail about Lipa that you should know about: namely, that her dad is quite attractive.

    Twitter: @nighxtwing

    Translation: "Oh man, Dua Lipa's dad!"

    So, yes, sound the alarm β€” we have a new dad crush:

    Originally from Kosovo, Dukagjin Lipa is actually β€” and adorably β€” a rock musician himself. In 2016, Dua Lipa said in an interview that she credited growing up around music at home to her father. 😍

    Need more evidence? Here's an Instagram that Dua Lipa posted on Father's Day...

    ~TFW your dad's a hunk and you're about to be a pop star~

    And a more recent photo of the father-daughter pair, from Mr. Lipa's own Instagram account.

    Yeah, you hit "follow," didn't you?

    This master class smolder will be my closing argument:

    Twitter: @beyonsesa

    **Melting** but also **evaporating** because it's just so hot, you guys.

    TBH, Daddy Lipa's β€” uh, I mean, Mr. Lipa's whole Instagram is a treasure trove for our #dadthirst...

    To the Lipa family, if you're reading this, please keep those Instagrams coming...

    We'll be waiting.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.