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21 Things That Only Make Sense If You Went To Art School

Zero dollars left in my food budget this week. May as well go out and get drunk.

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1. Writing an "abstract" on the book you're studying that's longer than the actual book.

2. Looking up at the board at the end of class and having no idea whatsoever about what happened.

3. Following along as your classmates become vegans, naturists, and anti-capitalists.

4. Watching your house be swallowed up by books every new semester.

5. Collapsing into existential dread during Philosophy class.

6. Casually grabbing a quick "smoke" between classes.

7. Trying to lock up your bike somewhere in this mess.

8. Always being entertained while walking around campus because someone is inevitably jamming on a guitar.

Late night jam session on the university campus 😍

9. Finding every imaginable kind of poster scattered around campus.

10. Going to a party that quickly turns first into an art exhibition, and then a political protest.

11. Oh, and then everyone starts feeling one another up.

12. And then, inevitably, someone takes their clothes off.

13. Bullshitting your way through every single essay and test.

14. Making every group project into an Oscar-worthy piece of performance art.

15. Having absolutely no money but somehow managing to get drunk pretty regularly anyways.

16. And getting into a drunken argument over Liquid Modernity and ending up screaming about Dr. Lonnie Smith and the power of funk music.

17. Suffering through two hours of other art school friends trying to figure out how to split a check.

18. Finding the most beautiful things written on the stall doors in the bathrooms on campus.

i came across some thought-provoking bathroom stall art at de anza

19. Looking around campus and not knowing what decade you're in.

20. Graduating, and discovering the job market that awaits you.

21. But loving your art school experience anyway.

This post was translated from Portuguese.


Some text in this translated post was updated to more accurately reflect the original author's intent.

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