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When We Look Back On These 2017 Fashion Trends, It's Going To Be So Embarrassing

There'll be some explaining to do.

1. Ten years from now, we're going to have to answer for our obsession with denim cut-outs...


2. Including these...

Getty Images

3. And definitely these.

Reprodução/Instagram / Via

4. We'll have to look into our children's eyes and explain how we just let flip flop heels happen...

5. And how fur was a thing we decided to put on sandals... / Via

6. And painting our faces into optical illusions — kids, it was called contouring!! — was honestly so important.

4 signs your contouring routine has gone WAY too far... #FAIL

Reprodução/Comedy Central / Via Twitter: @instyle_UK

7. We'll have to admit the platform clog trends went a tiny bit too far...

Balenciaga models wore platform Crocs on the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Via Twitter: @thefader

8. But to be fair, everything seemed like a good idea when we saw it on Instagram...

9. And if you're going to blame someone for jumpsuits, it's really the seventies' fault...

Madewell / Via

10. See-through dresses will be remembered as a moment of weakness for us... / Via

11. And yes, the flower crown thing will seem a little funereal in retrospect...

Getty Images

12. And the girdle fascination probably should have stayed in the 20th century, where it belonged.

13. We'll need to explain that pom-poms were just really having a moment...

Getty Images / Via Instagram: @sabrinasato

14. And that our ideas about layering were certainly, um, interesting... / Via

15. But hey, we did have some great statement sweatshirts, didn't we? / Via

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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