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Students Doing Online Learning, What Tips Or Hacks Are Worth Sharing?

*Double-checks mute button*

By now, many students have ~returned~ to school. And I say that loosely, since a lot of schools have switched to online learning! Safe to say, there's been much trial and error along the way.

You’re telling me my professor who can’t stop the YouTube autoplayer from playing the next video is going to teach classes online? This should be good.

Twitter: @NikkiInsana

Like the woman who dropped her meatball onto her keyboard during an online exam — which logged her out of the exam, and caused her to fail.

Sure, there are the expected goofs (YOU'RE NOT MUTED, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!) and usual dread.

But online learning has also been totally different and, for some, much more difficult than attending class in person (especially for those who don't have the means for an at-home laptop or tablet).

everyone in their online classes now

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It can be difficult to find a quiet place to focus or with good WiFi. It can be harder to ask your professors clarifying questions when you're stuck. Or, virtual learning can be less accessible (like Chrissy Marshall, who is deaf, shared). Either way, online learning poses a variety of challenges.

But students are notoriously crafty when it comes to figuring out the system and how to get through it. So, if you're a student of Zoom University, tell us below what tricks you've figured out (like these student hacks, but for online classes)!

Me protending my webcam froze so I don’t have to participate in my online class

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Maybe it's as simple as using a site-blocker so that you're forced to focus on whatever your professor is saying (and figuring out whatever that one kid's eating).

A screenshot of the Freedom website showing how you can set your blocklists

Or you've straight-up disabled Zoom notifications, because you're high-key not interested in whatever your classmates are poppin' off about.

And maybe you've become a master planner, with a calendar and routine to keep track of all your classes and due dates since no one has a sense of time anymore.

No matter what it is, please, help your peers out and tell us what creative, clever, simple, or obvious tips and hacks have helped you through online learning! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!