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People Who've Worked Corporate Jobs, Tell Us What You've Learned That They Didn't Prepare You For In School

We want to know, whether it's something superficial or strategic.

Entering the ~Corporate World~ can be a goal for recent grads. But if you've worked for a big corporation or company, you've probably realized it can be a culture in and of itself.

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It can also be demoralizing or overwhelming for people to enter the corporate workforce without any expectations of how it works. 

Whether it's some unspoken rule or a strategic skill, what did you wish you knew sooner working in the corporate world?

For example, you may have learned that a company's internal structure can shift quickly and often, so you should maintain a professional and working relationship with everybody (instead of engaging in office drama or burning bridges).

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Or, you might have figured out that, unfortunately, appearances carry weight — so you might climb the ladder faster if you go from business-casual to straight business.

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Perhaps you caught on to the fact that hiring is circumstantial, and some jobs are only listed externally or internally because they have to be — and that there's already somebody in mind for the position.

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And maybe you've learned that there's a best way to network, communicate, or advocate for yourself — especially depending on how you identify.

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Share whatever it is that you wish you'd learned sooner in your corporate career, your industry, or your overall experience in the comments below! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

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