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Uber And Lyft Drivers, Tell Us Your Ridiculous Passenger Stories

Were they rude, drunk, or both?

OK, I admit it, I'm incredibly dependent on and love taking rideshare apps — specifically Uber and Lyft.

And I particularly enjoy conversing with the drivers I meet (especially when just sitting on the 110 or 405 in traffic).

Sometimes, depending on the conversation, drivers will tell me about their most ridiculous or frustrating passengers — and, lemme tell you, it's a trip (no pun intended).

So, I'd like to ask all Uber and Lyft drivers out there: What's the most ridiculous or weirdest or outrageous ride you've ever given?

Maybe you picked up some guy who started off asking about the air and music, then told you to keep your hands at 10 and 2, and ultimately warned you not to speak to his girlfriend when you picked her up next. (Then she spoke to you and told you not to mind him.)

Or, you had a group of drunk guys get in without putting a destination, and they didn't know which hotel they were at. So you drove them to five different hotels before they realized it was the first one you tried.

Did another drunk person throw up in your car, but then tell the company that you drove recklessly and they were just "motion sick," so you couldn't expense the cost of cleaning?

And no, I did not make up any of these examples — these are just some of the ones I've been told.

Though I have heard more. Like, an Uber driver whose pregnant passenger had gone into labor early and called for a ride to the hospital. Except the Uber driver got pulled over almost immediately for speeding — until the cop realized what was up and escorted them the rest of the way.

Whatever it is — from a weird conversation you overheard to even needing the police — tell us the most ridiculous, weirdest, or most outrageous ride you've ever given in the comments below!

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