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    17 Things That Will Help Soothe You And Your Anxious Pet

    Anxious pet = anxious human.

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    1. This SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy that will ease your pupper with a "real-feel" pulsating heartbeat and disposable heat pack. The Snuggle Puppy will become your baby's new best friend!

    2. A comfort cat carrier to keep your cat secure and swaddled, so they can't fight you every time you need to trim their nails or take 'em out!

    3. This purr pillow cat toy that will comfort your kitty when they're stressed — whether they have anxiety or miss an old companion. When your kitty touches it, it will begin "purring" for two minutes. (And the purr mechanism is removable for easy machine-washing!)

    4. These stain-lifting pads so you can just stomp the mess away when your anxious bud has an accident, so you don't have worry about cleaning an accident and comforting them at the same time!

    5. Or, a SpotBot handsfree cleaner for deeper stains, so that you don't need to worry about getting your carpet professionally cleaned.

    6. This cool and creative snuffle mat that will challenge your pet to find hidden treats and occupy their minds. It's great to keep them busy and help them release stress.

    7. A pet ear treatment for your fur baby who despises going to the vet or puts up a fight when the groomer tries to clean their ears. This treatment uses hydrocortisone to soothe ear infections, redness, and inflammation.

    8. These low-noise electric hair clippers so you can give your #1 a trim without the stress of going to the groomer's. They're quiet and rechargeable — so you can accommodate your new "client" without scaring them.

    9. A Pet Tunes Bluetooth speaker preloaded with 90 minutes of calming music that's designed by a sound behaviorist to relax your nervous doggo. The speaker will play wirelessly for up to eight hours!

    10. This eye rinse because neither of you like trying to clean eye boogies. Instead, you can use this to clean the eye (and pesky tear stains!) to alleviate discomfort and irritation from mucous, pollen, and irritants.

    11. A heavy duty scratch shield that will protect your door and wall when your anxious babe claws at it. Plus, it has two sides: a smooth side to minimize the sound of scratching, and a textured side to deter them and train them to stop scratching.

    12. The classic ThunderShirt anxiety jacket because it applies a gentle pressure to your pet that helps calm anxiety — whether your pet is afraid of fireworks, storms, traveling, etc. The first few times your pet wears it, they should be calm to introduce them and get them used to the ThunderShirt. Then, you can put it on them an hour or before their triggers occur.

    13. This One Fast Cat exercise wheel that will help your anxious and high-energy cat run off some extra energy instead of being destructive. It's entirely cat-driven, so they can use it without any supervision or batteries!

    14. A Furbo dog camera and treat tosser (that's Alexa-compatible) so you can check in on your furry friends. When they act up, you can talk to them or toss them a treat to soothe and comfort them!

    15. This drinkable mouthwash that removes tartar so you don't have to wrestle with your dog, who freaks out every time you need to brush their teeth.

    16. A waterless cat bath made with natural ingredients for "bathing" your cat without frustrating baths. Just massage the foam onto your cat, gently brush, and you're done (and both happy)!

    17. This enzyme-powered stain and odor eliminator to help you clear away the lingering scents of any anxiety-induced accidents deep in your carpet or upholstery. The natural bacteria in this spray activate when they come into contact with stains and odors, and they feed on the ammonia crystals and organic materials until they're gone!

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