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"Sleep Deprivation": Adults Are Revealing Things That Nobody Thinks Is Cool Anymore Once You Hit 30, And TBH I'm Already Feeling Some In My 20s

"I did this so often in my 20s that even several years later, it hasn't fully fixed itself."

People often romanticize youth and admire the energy and carefreeness one has in their 20s. However, there are definitely some things that are overly romanticized in your 20s or just no longer considered cool in your 30s — for better or for worse.

So when u/nonchalannt asked, "What's not 'cool' anymore when you turn 30?" many people over 30 came forward to share things that they no longer care for or find cool, and I'm genuinely curious to know how old you are and whether or not you agree:

1. "Sleep deprivation."

2. "Spending all your money at the bar on payday."


3. "Teenager/person in their early 20s: 'Yo, we can save money by booking the 7 a.m. return flight and not paying for accommodation. Let's just stay at the club until 5 a.m. or sleep on the airport floor!' Person in their 30s: 'I'd rather die.'"


"Years ago, we drove six hours to go to a concert, where we got pretty drunk and high. That night, all five of us slept in a small car for a couple of hours and then drove home. Now, that's a three-day trip for me." 


"Same with buying the cheapest ticket: 'This ticket is $40 cheaper, it just has a few hours more layover and leaves at 4:30 a.m.' Fuck that." 


4. "Bragging about your high school accomplishments."


5. "Hangovers."

6. "Sleeping eight to a hotel room to save money."


7. "Wasting time on friendships that don't impact you in a positive way. I spent my 20s taking care of everyone else instead of myself. I don't have time for that shit anymore. They can go to therapy. I am."


8. "Bailing on plans last minute. If you don't want to do something, just say so."


"Yes, I'm typically the friend making plans and reaching out, and I always tell them, 'It's ok to say no, or if you need to think about it, let me know by whatever day.' I realized a lot of people feel pressured when you approach them with plans. I never understood why. If I don't want to go, I just say no thank you." 


"This includes ambiguous replies to invites or questions. It mainly happens in dating but is equally annoying when friends or my siblings do it. For instance: 'Hey, I have extra tickets. Do you want to go to this event for free?' 'Yeah, maybe!' That's not an acceptable response. Just let me know if it's something you want to do or not. Leaving options open is okay for days at the beach or park, but don't use my plans to leave your options open." 


9. "Caring what others think of me. You don't like me? That's fine. I live my life for me."


10. "Telling people with full time jobs and bills that their hobbies are childish."

11. "Flipping off the camera when you get your picture taken."


12. "Trying to act cool."

13. "Night shifts. I abused my 20s to their limit and fucked my sleep schedule so badly that even several years later, it hasn't fully fixed.

"*Shudders at his previous 48- and even 72-hour benders in the name of work.*


14. "Expecting your friends to help you move. The good news is that if you've ever moved that half-assed, chaotic way before, then the first time you hire professionals is going to feel amazing and worth it."


15. "Trying to keep up with modern slang words."

16. "Not going for what you want. In your 20s, you may feel young, new, ignorant — maybe a little doubtful of your skills and abilities. In your late 20s-30s, it is not cool to stay in the same situation you hate just because it's easier. Try to work it out. All you've got is time now. There are more and more years to come. Allow yourself to continue to learn, grow, adapt, acquire new skills, and become well-rounded.

"That's what I’m trying to tell myself in order to continue to scrape by and exist in the free market. I'm trying to be positive, if not for myself, for others who also have been trapped in cycles of depression and negative thought. 🌞" 


17. "Last minute plans. I need at least a 24-hour notice (preferably 48-hour) if said plans will require me to be in public."


18. "Anything loud. I am finding that anything loud (voices, music, TV, etc.) is turning into 'noise' for me. I am surprised by how much my tolerance for ambient sound has drastically decreased."

19. "Acting stupid and doing dumb shit. Your risk of getting hurt increases."


20. "Dance clubs. To be fair, I hated them in my 20s, too, but by the time I hit 30, I wouldn't be caught dead in one. Loud music, strobe lights, waiting forever to get a drink, and having to scream to speak — I just don't get it."


21. "As a single person entering the dating scene again in their 30s, 'hot person shit' is not cool anymore. You could get away with being a flake and playing games in your 20s, but in your 30s, you're just waving red flags in people's faces."

22. "Maybe just me, but one night stands. Sex is great, but it's not all I want. Give me that second date, good conversations, doing other shit together, and getting to know each other better. It's about that point in life that I started wanting shit to be deeper.

"I don't know, having someone on the other pillow in bed stops mattering as much when I know that pillow will be empty the next night." 


23. And, of course, "Thinking things aren't cool anymore because you turned 30."


"Life doesn't end at 30, and if you're lucky, you've still got around 45 to 50+ more years to go. So why spend that remaining time denying yourself of what life has to offer? 

"If octogenarian Ethel with pink hair and Chuck Taylors wants to free throw her empty bottle of Ensure into the trash while yelling, 'THIS BITCH IS EMPTY!' Well, goddammit, she can. In fact, that would make me feel less bummed about aging." 


So?! What do you think? Did you agree or disagree, and were you shocked to see how other people answered? Let me know your thoughts below!