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    23 Things To Replace In Your Bathroom To Make It More Sustainable

    And some *facts* about why they're worth it.

    1. A 16-pack of these reusable "cotton" rounds made from bamboo, because single-use cotton rounds may not be plastic, but they're still bad for the environment.

    2. This affordable but effective attachable bidet so you get a squeaky clean butt every time, never use toilet paper again, and get one step closer to being zero-waste.

    3. A fabric shower curtain liner that is machine-washable and free of PVC — the most toxic and environmentally-damaging plastic — plus, you can just launder it instead of replacing it.

    4. Some 100% recycled and unbleached toilet paper if you're not quite ready for bidets but still want to do your part for the planet.

    5. Some certified compostable trash bags so you can reduce the number of teeny plastic bits that end up in the ocean.

    6. A life-changing Divacup because periods can suck no matter what, but why should Earth suffer too?

    7. This zero-waste Ethique shampoo bar so that you don't have to worry about constantly throwing away the bottles.

    8. These biodegradable and hypoallergenic bamboo cotton swabs that are good for your body and for the environment — especially if you're someone who flushes them down the toilet.

    9. Or the world's first reusable cotton swab so you can eliminate single-use cotton swabs and keep the oceans clean.

    10. This aesthetically pleasing bamboo bath mat that upgrades your bathroom to a spa, doesn't absorb water like fabric, and is made from the fastest-growing renewable resource.

    11. The reusable Makeup Eraser that magically removes all your makeup with just water, saves you money and doesn't get tossed out every night.

    12. These simple bamboo toothbrushes so you can feel better about replacing your toothbrush every three to four months.

    13. Some cute reusable cloth pads that help minimize disposable, single-use pads made of cotton and plastic (and are machine-washable!).

    14. This activated charcoal and Dead Sea salt scrub so you get all the exfoliation but without those harmful microbeads that harm marine life (and human life).

    15. A sleek WaterPik so that you can "floss" without the floss.

    16. Or this vegan, biodegradable dental floss (not silk!) that keeps your teeth and the environment clean — they even come in glass vials.

    17. A biodegradable eco-friendly loofah to replace your synthetic one and rejuvenate your skin.

    18. The incredible Billie razor that delivers you new conforming razor heads only as needed, so you stop going through disposable plastic razors — and all without the Pink Tax. (Plus, it comes with a cute magnetic holder!)

    19. These revolutionary Dame tampons that come with a reusable applicator, so if you prefer tampons, you can at least cut back on single-use plastic applicators.

    20. A natural and vegan coffee scrub that offers you an aromatic alternative to microbeads so you can keep scrubbin' along.

    21. Some ingenious Bite toothpaste bits so that you don't have to worry about disposing of your toothpaste tubes, using excess toothpaste or trying to get every last drop out.

    22. Or this super smart naturally sourced toothpaste that is thoughtfully packaged in a metal tube and comes with a metal key to make sure you're not mindlessly wasting any.

    23. This game-changing Blueland cleaning kit with ~forever bottles~ and tablet-based formulas so you can keep basically everything clean without single-use plastic bottles.

    Now go stock a bathroom that Captain Planet would be proud of!

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