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    32 Really Cool Kitchen Products That You'll Probably Be So Excited To Use

    Now you're cooking — faster (with this Instant Pot and veggie chopper) and easier (thanks to a breakfast sandwich maker and apple slicer) than ever.

    1. A prep-and-pour cutting board because it lies flat for when you cut and prep your food, then, when you squeeze the handle, the sides of the board *fold up* to create a chute!

    2. This 30-piece kitchen tool set in a spinning caddy that will stock your kitchen and organize it in a super neat and accessible way! You don't need a single drawer.

    3. A snap-on colander so you can snap it on the edge of your pot or pan and strain your food without needing another pot! Less strain and clean-up on your part.

    4. This heavy-duty vegetable chopper that will dice your veggies in one go. Then it catches the pieces in an attached container, so you don't have to worry about any mess.

    5. A three-in-one avocado slicer for splitting, pitting, and slicing the official fruit of Millennials(TM) without the mess. This slicer has a non-slip grip and is dishwasher safe, so you can truly enjoy that avo-toast with as little effort as possible.

    6. An adjustable mandoline slicer so you can slice, julienne, or grate your cheese and vegetables in record time (and get to eating them faster, ofc). It comes with five blades: a slicer, a wavy blade, a shredder, a coarse shredder, and a grater!

    7. A veggie spiralizer that will easily turn your veggies into zoodles so you can stop paying extra for the pre-spiralized zucchini at the store.

    8. This amazing watermelon slicer (with a melon ball scoop!) because everyone wants watermelon but no one likes to cut it. Just pick what size cubes you want, push the slicker through, then get ready for a bowl of freshly diced watermelon!

    9. A dry food dispenser so that you feel fancy every time you pour yourself a bowl of cereal. The containers also preserve freshness for over a month because who can ever properly reseal a cereal box?

    10. The AeroGarden Sprout LED so you can grow your own fresh, gourmet herbs right in your own kitchen! They don't even need any soil — this grows up to three plants at a time in water. And, they can reach up to 10-inches tall!

    11. An amazing compact air fryer because you basically get to make all your fave foods without the extra fat and grease thanks to AirCrisp tech! Think of all the air-fried fries, chicken, and taquitos...

    12. This set of three collapsible colanders that will let you strain food directly over your sink, then fold away for easy storage when you're done!

    13. A super Instant Pot because it septuples (like that? that means seven) as an electric pressure cooker, sterilizer, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, and warmer in ONE. That's literally six more appliances you don't need to buy or store because you have this one.

    14. A multifunctional griddler so you can whip up some hearty pancakes, homey grilled cheeses, juicy steaks, or bougie paninis — to name a few. It's easy to use (with three selector knobs) and clean (you can pop the removable plates in the dishwasher), what more can you ask for?

    15. This swanky four-in-one 12-speed immersion blender that you can stick into the included blending jar for smoothies or milkshakes or sauces, then just remove and enjoy! No more pouring into and out of a blender.

    16. An eight-cup food processor because you know you've been wanting to try one, and this will let you chop up all your food to make the perfect hummus, fillings, and guac!

    A food processor with a white base and control for pulse, low, or high rotary, with a reversible slicing and shedding disk

    17. Some five-blade herb scissors that will help you prep your herbs with, like, minimal effort. You can even cut the herbs up directly over your dish!

    A reviewer cuts kale into a bowl using the herb scissors

    18. A kitchen utensil set and carousel because each utensil has a lip, so when you set it down, the spoon or spatula part doesn't. touch. the. counter. So no more messy counter or rinsing between uses!!!

    A model reaches for a spoon resting on the counter with the head lifted off thanks to the lip, and the carousel with the other utensils hooked onto it

    19. This creative herb zipper that will strip the leaves from your herbs straight into the measuring cup! All you gotta do is pull the herb through, and you're set.

    20. Okay, a Bluetooth Anova sous vide that will make the ~perfect~ meal every time. Just attach it to any pot, stick your sealed food in, and then cook it by using the built-in controls or the app! The future is truly here.

    21. This Takeya cold brew maker for four servings of cold brew so you can finally stop settling for iced Americanos.

    22. An ingenious breakfast sandwich maker that will make you a custom, homemade breakfast sandwich without multiple frying pans or a toaster!

    23. A microwave pasta cooker so you can eat your carbs without the extra work! Seriously, no need to boil water or stir. You can measure, cook, and drain your pasta with just this!

    A model holds the Fasta Pasta, a rectangular container with cooked pasta inside, over a sink as they strain the water out

    24. This handy grease splatter screen for when you're trying to cook at home like a normal person, but grease keeps poppin' off the pan to personally aggress you. (And no need to wipe down your whole stove and counter top and cabinets after!)

    25. A dessert decorator with multiple tips so that you can feel like you're on the Food Network the next time you ice your (cup)cakes!

    26. This classy French press that will brew you some premium coffee in four minutes. Starbucks who??

    27. A stainless steel mixing bowl with a non-slip bottom (so no more spills when you're aggressively mixing) and three grater inserts so that you can FINALLY grate directly into a bowl without wrestling the cheese grater to sit right!

    28. An automatic pan stirrer with a built-in timer for all those times you have to stand over your pan and keep stirring as you watch your food cook. Give your arm a break!

    A tube-like gadget with three prongs at the bottom sits inside a pan, automatically stirring the content

    29. An automatic can opener so that you can stop asking other people to get it for ya! (It also comes with a built-in knife sharpener on the back and hidden bottle opener.)

    30. This apple slicer duo because apples taste so good but sometimes they can be a real pain to eat. No more peel caught between your teeth or having to eat around the core, just slice with this and you're good!

    31. The epic Dash egg cooker so you can easily make hard boiled, scrambled, or poached eggs — and we all know whatta pain poached eggs are to make — and even omelettes with, like, 0.01 percent effort.

    The Dash egg cooker makes hard boiled eggs with plates of finished, halved hard boiled eggs next to it

    32. This hard-boiled egg peeler that will perfectly remove the shell so you don't have to stress about ruining the egg! Just fill it with a quarter cup of water and gently shake. Voila!