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    31 Products That’ll Give Your Small Apartment So Much More Space

    Every inch counts, whether it's vertical space or that annoying gap between your counters.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 5-inch wide rolling shelf to stick between the cracks of your counter because the crime against small space is *wasted* space.

    A thin shelf with four shelves rolling out from the gap between a kitchen counter and the fridge

    Promising Review: "Our new house was short on storage space and this really helps. It goes right between the refrigerator and the counter where the stove top is located. I keep canned goods and other food items that will need the stove top. It holds plenty of cans and with smaller cans, I can stack them two high. It pulls out easily." —Kathy G. Guevara

    Get a four-tier shelf from Amazon for $29.72+ (available in three sizes).

    2. This collapsible cutting board and strainer hybrid that slips right over your sink, so you don't have to store a bulky colander and cutting board. Plus, it gives ya some extra counter space.

    A chopping board with strainer built in placed over sink

    The 2.5 quart strainer is also removable so you can detach it as needed!

    Promising Review: "This is one of my favorite things I have purchased for our tiny apartment! It's a pretty good size cutting board and I can see it fitting over most sinks. I LOVE the bowl inside that can let wet ingredients drain liquid directly into the sink. It's seriously SO nice to have this when you're limited on counter space!" —Atara

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (also available in black).

    3. A cute mug tree so that you can display your lil' mug set and get some space back from your kitchen cabinets or drying rack.

    A metal mug tree with six arms that currently holds three mugs on the counter

    Promising Review: "Love this. It holds my mugs, and there's less clutter in cabinet since I live in town home and don't have much room." —Angelica

    Get it from Wayfair for $19.98 (originally $29.98).

    4. Or, this mug rack (that also hold plats and jars) that you can mount on your wall to display and store your whole mug collection!

    Promising Review: "We have a very real addiction to mugs. We also have a circa 1930s kitchen with only two cabinets and few drawers. Now we get to show our mugs off a bit, while continuing our collection and without worry where to store them. The frame was bit crooked once assembled, and putting it together could have gone smoother, yet, I'm not sure if that was user error or not, so I'm not holding it against the seller. All in all, we got it up, without too many cuss words!" —Amy Leigh Magallanes

    Get it from Amazon for $79.95.

    5. An over-the-toilet cabinet to make use of that ~vertical~ space and give your tiny bathroom some extra storage.

    A shelf slid behind a toilet with a main counter above the toilet tank, which sits below medicine cabinet on the right and two shelves on the left. There is also shelf-space on the top of the cabinet

    Promising Review: "I really love this shelf. It was simple to put together, it seems very sturdy for particleboard, and it looks nice in my tiny bathroom. I love the ability to change the shelf heights, and the dark-colored shelf adds some interesting contrast." —Anna

    Get it from Amazon for $78.57.

    6. These cord bundlers that can attach to just about any surface so you don't have to lose any counter or floor space to those pesky, tangled cables.


    Promising Review: "This is my favorite Command product (which is saying A LOT). I have one of these attached to almost every corded thing I own, and, for maybe $30, I feel like my whole life got a facelift. My stand mixer looks better on the counter, and it stays clean even when everything else is a mess. My space heaters store so neatly in the linen closet. I have an HDMI cord bundled to the back of each TV. There's a bundler stuck between my car's dash and console which holds two phone chargers. Truly, especially for the price, I could not recommend something more highly." —Amber Stewart

    Get two bundlers from Amazon for $4.19 or four for $7.94+ (also available in six bundlers).

    7. Some ingenious magnet bottle hangers because not everyone has a garage with a second fridge, and you're sick of playing fridge-Tetris every time you come back from the market.


    Promising Review: "Works great in my fridge. Super strong and frees up space on the bottom. I only have an inch of clearance, but it does allow me to slide things under it, and I no longer deal with falling over bottles." —Raemi

    Get a set of two strips (six magnets) from Amazon for $29.99.

    8. An adjustable hanging rod to add an extra 31 inches of rod space in your closet, so you can hang more clothes! And who knows, maybe you'll be able to move that old dresser, too., Amazon

    Promising Review: "This is the best closet organizer. I originally bought a similar item that doesn't adjust, but this is 100 times better! Not only does it adjust vertically to fit whatever length of clothes, but it also adjusts its width, making it extremely functional no matter which closet you may want to use it in within your house. This makes it possible to switch and organize basically any closet!" —Ohgr8one

    Get it from Amazon for $14.97.

    9. This over-the-sink stainless-steel dish rack so that you can dry and store your dishes, soaps, sponges, and more all above your sink — so you're not taking up any extra counter space at all!


    The cutlery holder and racks are adjustable so you can set it to hang around your faucet. It has seven utility hooks, and it can hold up to 60 pounds. There are even anti-skid suction cups on the bottom, so you don't have to worry about any slippery accidents.

    Promising Review: "Perfect space-saver. Holds so much in an area I never used freeing up counter space. Very sturdy and looks good too. Thanks, Wayfair!" —Simon R.

    Get it from Wayfair for $97.99 (originally $109.99).

    10. These USB bed lifts that will elevate your bed, futon, or coffee table, letting you shove more boxes underneath and have an outlet close enough to charge your phone while using it!

    Black, pyramidal leg lifts raising a bed with storage bins underneath. One lift has two outlets and a USB plug with a power cord running from it
    Bed Bath & Beyond

    Promising Review: "These give me extra storage under my bed along with extra usb and electrical outlets which are always needed." —Shoppers01

    Get a set of four from Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99.

    11. A bed frame with a hidden storage compartment so you can store your things without having to Jenga everything around when you need something from the middle *OR* catch glimpses of your stuff underneath.

    A tufted bed frame consisting of the frame and headboard with the mattress lifted up from the bottom, revealing hollow storage underneath

    Promising Review: "This is a fantastic bed for a New Yorker in a small apartment. My closet is literally one foot wide so having the extra storage for out of season clothing, extra bedding and luggage really saves my life. You could put those things under a normal bed in a normal bedroom, but this completely prevents having to lug out under-bed bins and also not having tons of space on either side to do so." —Linlee

    Check out my coworker Elena's review (#6 in the post) of this bed to find out why she's obsessed with it!

    Get a queen in gray-linen from Amazon for $573.99+ (available in sizes twin–king and five colors and fabrics).

    12. Speaking of beds, this compact cabinet bed because it doesn't need to be attached to your wall or reach up to your ceiling. Plus, you can actually use the large storage drawer on the bottom and the counter on top!

    Promising Review: "This Murphy bed was exactly what I have been looking for. It doesn't need to attach to a wall. It was easy to assemble. I am 75 years old, and I was able to assemble it myself. The mattress is nice and thick too. It is great for overnight guests." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $1,315.79+ (available in two sizes, two styles, and three colors).

    13. An over-the-door ironing caddy so you don't have to wrestle your ironing board out of the back of your closet anymore!

    An iron sits in a rack hanging over the door, with hooks beneath it that hold the leg of an ironing board

    Promising Review: "I was wary bc over-the-door organizers don't always fit, but this thing is awesome. No more emptying our small storage closet (very small apartment) when we need to iron and no more excuses for wrinkly clothes." —Trisha Sunderland-Drezek

    Get it from Amazon for $6.80.

    14. A smol kitchen cart with a foldable flap that will extend your counter space, give you some extra storage, and also function as the world's tiniest island if you pull it off the wall.


    Promising Review: "I bought this to use as an extension of my small countertop. It is the perfect height and depth (with the flap up). The drawer and shelves are great for additional storage." —Sinead618

    Get it from Ikea for $129.

    15. This over-the-tank toilet tissue holder for when you're short on floor space but don't trust your roomie bc the last time you were screaming for help, they had their headphones on.

    A metal toilet tissue holder hooks on the side of the toilet tank to hold two horizontal toilet tissue rolls that can also be used as a double toilet roll holder itself

    Promising Review: "I love this design because it is a space-saver, which is exactly what I needed for a small bathroom with not a lot of floor space. It hangs on the side of the toilet tank and fits perfectly there."—Customer

    Get it from Target for $9.99.

    16. Or, this sleek toilet paper stocker that's less than 5 inches wide, is sloped inside to store and dispense the next roll, and gives you an extra shelf on top.

    A white rectangle holder with a small square cut out in the bottom left corner, revealing rolls of toilet paper inside

    Promising Review: "I really love it. Living in a shoebox in NY, I constantly look for storage solutions. This design is incredible. It takes up so little footprint and fits perfectly between the toilet bowl and the wall, and is very functional. I hate having to go to the deli store to get a couple of rolls of toilet paper at a time. Now I can get 12 rolls at a time, though if you get the larger rolls, they won't come through the hole on the bottom. You will have to retrieve the larger rolls by removing the top, which is not a big deal. I put a wonderful Olavie diffuser and body scrub on the top, and it looks really nice. It's a must-have for any small apartment living!" —Ken H

    Get it from Amazon for $41.99.

    17. An adjustable over-the-door rack with eight tiers so you can basically create another dimension of storage space for any closet from your pantry to linens.

    The white rack, with 8 shallow baskets spaced between the bottom and top of the door that fit things like jars of pasta sauces and boxes of snacks, hung on the back of a pantry door

    You can place and reorganize the baskets however you'd like, and you can also mount this to a wall!

    Promising Review: "I have now purchased his organization system twice for use as a pantry. Both my former condo and my current home have negligible storage space. This is devastating for a home baker and lover of snacks. In my condo I used the included hardware to hang on the wall. It was the same process as installing anchors in drywall (but the hardware is slightly different). In my current home, I hung the system on the inside of my basement door. The over the door hooks are on the thicker side and do affect the closing of the door now. I don’t mind, I just push it a little harder. If you store items in the unit, their weight helps hold the pieces together. I love love love this system and finally have some semblance of a pantry!" —BuyAllTheThings

    Get it on Amazon for $33.99 (available in two sizes).

    18. A stacked drawer organizer that holds a full 24-piece cutlery set but only takes up half the space, so you can get more out of your silverware drawer!

    A hand putting a fork into the rectangular organizer; it has four slots at diagonal angles, one stacked on top of the next, with wide-mouth openings

    Promising Review: "I have a tiny kitchen with only three drawers, so space is at a premium. My silverware organizer took up almost all of one drawer, so this organizer is a godsend. You can fit quite a few spoons etc. in each slot. My beater attachments fit perfectly into the top two hollows. I will say I have to flip my forks over face down in order to be able to shut and open my drawer, but then the drawer itself is kind of shallow. You NEED this if you have a small kitchen with few drawers!" —mialro

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99 (available in two sizes and in two colors; also available for knives).

    19. A multi-functional hall tree because small apartments = no organized mudrooms. It's way easier to tug your boots off when you can just hang your coat, bag, and umbrella, then sit to actually reach your feet!

    A metal-framed wooden bench with a shelf beneath it; the metal frame extends up the back and has two wooden boards with hooks for coats and bags

    Promising Review: "This hall tree is perfect for our small entry serving as a makeshift mudroom and keeping our junk under control. Looks really nice and is much sturdier than I expected. We have tons of heavy hoodies, coats, and school bags on it, and it’s not budging. My husband put it together and commented that the directions were written really well and were very easy to follow. I’ve seen the exact one on other sites for much more so I was happy to get it here on sale."—McMarley

    Get it from Target for $179.99 (originally $239.99; available in driftwood, white oak, and white barnwood).

    20. This 17-inch clip-in mop and broom organizer that's a godsend when your coat closet doubles as your storage closet.

    The white rack mounted behind a door with a broom and two styles of mop; plus a Swiffer, a mini broom and dustpan, and the dog's leash

    Promising Review: "This product is fantastic! It was easy to mount and hanging things is a breeze. My house is very old with no extra closet or pantry space. I needed to clean up the dreaded corner of shovels and a mop. Luckily this product was able to do that — and it comes with hooks. Since it's hung by my back door in the kitchen I can hang my aprons and purse on it. This little piece is very sturdy and so are those little hooks. My double-zippered purse is full of weight and it holds like a charm. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's just looking for a sensible option." —Shellybeenz

    Get it on Amazon for $14.99.

    21. This shower curtain liner with built-in mesh pockets, so you don't have to worry about your stuff slipping off the edges of your tub or counter anymore.

    The clear plastic curtain, with two big pockets at the bottom, three medium ones in the middle, and four smaller ones near the top

    My coworker Elizabeth owns and loves this curtain, just check out #2 on this list to see why! Don't worry, she confirms that the mesh pockets are super sturdy and successfully hold three or four body washes/conditioners.

    Promising Review: "We are apartment living, so no one in the household could take a shower without a crash/boom as you're knocking something down sitting on a shelf or the bathtub rim. This is a game-changer. There are so many pockets with so much room in each I actually have space left over.My husband's back scrubber, my shampoo and hair care, my daughter's bubble baths, and bath floofies all fit with room to spare. And the pockets are all a nice height so I'm not crouching to find anything. The curtain is clear so I didn't have to change the 'pretty' one for decorative purposes. I am super pleased." —goodnite.graci

    Get it on Amazon for $15.

    22. An expandable under-the-sink organizer that will fit around any pipes thanks to the removable shelves. Yes, you can finally organize *that* cabinet and get more space outta it.

    A white, plastic two-tier under-sink organizer with slats; one slat is removed to fit around the sink pipes

    Promising review: "This thing is amazing! I honestly didn't have very high expectations for it, but it blew my mind away! I have limited space in my kitchen so this worked beautifully! It fits so much that I emptied a cabinet and a half! Super easy to put together and clean. If you have limited space, just do it! You won't regret it." —Sean + Brooklyn

    Get it from Amazon for $32.99.

    23. This simple but effective medicine cabinet organizer so you can store all your toiletries in your cabinet without having them fall out every time you open the door. And, it'll help you use the space more efficiently.

    The inside a medicine cabinet with clear storage organizer in the shape of a U, with holders on each arm, holding tooth paste, and a shelf across the top holding a razor, while bottles of Advil and medicine sit on the cabinet under the shelf

    Promising Review: "This fits perfectly on the bottom of my medicine cabinet. It is very sturdy plastic with a great design. I can't believe how many jars, tubes, etc., it has managed to corral. Everything looks so neat! If they make a smaller one for upper cabinet shelves, I'm buying it. Wonderful little product!" —Alex

    Get the organizer on the bottom shelf from Amazon for $11.97.

    24. A pack of Space Bags because, if you don't remember the commercials, they're vacuum storage bags that seal and allow you to suck all the extra air out. Which is extra perfect when you're trying to store your bulky winter clothes and can't find the space!

    A reviewer's bedding set with two king-size pillows, three accent pillows, a comforter, and two throws which is then condensed into a small stack of four vacuum-shrunk bags that, stacked, stand no taller than the outlet on the wall

    Promising Review: "I was desperate to get more closet room and decided to give this product a chance. What a success! The bags are made of thick, quality plastic. It is very easy to seal and to vacuum. Plus, it stays sealed and I actually needed only some of the bags, as they are truly big. I placed a dryer sheet in each sealed bag to keep the clothes smelling fresh. My closet looks so well organized, I have much more room and my winter clothes are stored safely and beautifully. For the supreme quality product you get, it is, in my view, very reasonably priced." —A.A.

    Get a box of five medium-sized bags on Amazon for $28.99+ (available in four sizes).

    25. This four-bar behind-the-door towel rack so you can make use of the dead space behind the door and finally stop worrying about finding your towel on the floor.

    Promising Review: "This towel rack is perfect for small apartment bathrooms. It installs easily and takes up basically no extra room as it sits discreetly behind the door. Holds up to four heavy bath towels leaving the wall bar for floor mats or washcloths. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for space-saver ideas." —M McVicker

    Get it from Amazon for $25.79 (available in chrome and white).

    26. This metal garment rack that will give you an aesthetically pleasing way to store your clothes when you don't have enough closet space.

    A metal rack with a rod across the top of the frame, and a shelf at the bottom

    Promising Review: "Purchased for a friend. They love the matte black color and style. They're using it in a bedroom that has very little closet space. They keep their jeans and pants folded on the bottom shelf and have plenty of clothes up on the hanging rod." —Lee

    Get it from Target for $40.

    27. This solid wood coffee table with drop leaves and a drawer so that you get some storage and space. Just fold the ends in when you're not using it so you can finally stop sidling around your living room.

    A oval-esque coffee table with one end folded in, leaving that side flat-edged, with a drawer and shelf beneath it. With both ends in, the table would be square

    Promising Review: "This is the second time I bought this coffee table. (The first lasted through six years of young children and constant use.) It is the perfect combination of height for eating in front of the TV, storage with a drawer, and adjustable legs to accommodate a crowd. In a smaller house, multipurpose furniture that closes to a manageable size is indispensable. I searched for months for something else but could not find another table with the versatility of Arkelstorp." —SomervilleMom

    Get it from Ikea for $169.

    28. These under-shelf baskets to slide on any shelf in your fridge, cabinet, or closet and maximize your space, so you won't have to wonder where to stack those tiny jars, sandwich bag boxes, or toiletries.


    Promising Review: "These are excellent quality, sturdy and well-made. I appreciate that when slid in place, the front of the basket lines up flush with the edge of the shelf (some lesser brands protrude a bit beyond the shelf, making it impossible to close the cupboard properly). Look no further — these are the best deal you'll find." —peggydf

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $29.99.

    29. An outlet shelf so you can clear up extra counter space by sticking your electric toothbrush, smart speaker, or electric razor on it. You can even flip it upside down.,

    Promising Review: "This is awesome! I have a small vanity in the bathroom, not much room for all the items you need on the daily... and then add a Google Home sitting out, getting wet, and my hand bumping into it (that's main reason I wanted this so bad). It was so easy to install and probably one of the coolest inventions ever! Yeah, I could've installed a small shelf on my wall, but with this I didn't have to...and I just think it's neat." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in two colors and individually or a set of two).

    30. This magnetic kitchen rack that can hold a paper towel roll, a hand towel, kitchen utensils, and more all by making use outta the exterior of your fridge.

    A metal-framed kitchen rack with a top shelf holding books, salt/pepper, and a bottle of oil; a paper towel holder; an arm holding a hand towel; and hooks at the bottom holding utensils like a spatula, ladle, etcetera

    Promising Review: "Perfect addition for a small (usually messy) kitchen. Now I always know where the paper towels are. The top shelf is a great place to keep often-used items (honey, Sriracha sauce, garlic powder, etc.), and the hooks at the bottom work well for small pot holders. The magnet holds well – I have not had any issues with the rack sliding down the side of my fridge. I think this is a great product." —C. A. Fuchs

    Get it from Amazon for $38.

    31. An industrial-style hanging cocktail bar with a folding shelf that turns into mixing station. It'll give ya extra storage for your alcohol without taking up valuable kitchen space, and give you that lil' bar you've always wanted!

    A wall-mounted shelf that's essentially a square box that holds bottles or cups, with a drop down door that creates a mixing station when open; the top of the box has a rail to allow for additional storage
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising Review: "We have a small studio apartment downtown and this was the perfect solution for a bar area that we always wanted despite not having the space. Everyone that comes over always comments on how cool and different it is – definitely a conversation piece. Well-made and looks impressive." —Cara

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $118.

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