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    People Are Sharing Huge Trends That Everyone Forgot About, And They Feel Like They're From Another Lifetime

    How many do you remember??

    Remember when this "year" started approximately a millennium ago? Turns out, there was a time before the dumpster fire that is 2020 — full of forgotten fads and trends that feel like they're from an alternate universe.

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    Whack, I know.

    If it's all just a blur to ya, don't worry. Redditor u/Alternative_Ad_9598 recently asked, "What was a huge trend everyone forgot about?"

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    And here are some of the biggest blasts from the past, like, ever:

    1. The "clear" craze:

    Pepsi / Via

    "We saw lots of clear drinks and products in the late '80s and into the '90s, including Crystal Pepsi, Tab Clear, and, of course, Zima."


    2. Silly bands:

    Kids wear silly bands on their wrists and hold up an unworn silly band in the shape of a unicorn
    Robert Daemmrich Photography / Getty Images

    3. Crackle nail polish:

    A hand showing nails with white acrylic paint and a black crackle finish
    Foap Ab / Getty Images

    "Why did we do that?"


    4. Yik Yak:

    A smartphone opened to the app download page for Yik Yak
    Mandel Ngan / Getty Images

    "Yik Yak was the shit. Everyone knew what was going on on campus within seconds. People within the same classes used it to shit-talk professors and cheat on tests. It’s too bad that people had to ruin it with death threats and such, which kind of forced Yik Yak to make it nonanonymous and killed the appeal it had in the first place. For me as a commuting student at the time, it was key to keeping up with the happenings and drama around campus."


    5. Trapper keepers:

    A Lisa Frank trapper keeper
    Theflipshark / eBay / Via

    "I'll go one further: Lisa Frank trapper keeper. That was the shit."


    6. Cup stacking:

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    "What was that all about?"


    7. Yo-yos:

    A boy throwing two yo-yos at once
    Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Getty Images

    "Who was that guy that came to my school? And why did he do a sales pitch for yo-yos? And why did so many of us buy them?"


    8. Creepy clowns in 2016:

    A clown standing in the middle of the woods
    Kobzev3179 / Getty Images

    "That one weird summer of 2016 when clowns randomly appeared out of nowhere and creeped us all out."


    9. Neopets:

    A Neopet sitting against a tie-dye background
    Curehappywaswrong / eBay / Via

    10. Chatroulette:

    The default instruction screen for Chatroulette
    BuzzFeed Video / Via

    "And Omegle."


    11. Heelies:

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    "Those shoes with the wheels in them."


    12. Kony 2012:

    The movie poster for KONY 2012 depicting Joseph Kony in blue and red
    Sem / Universal Images Group via Getty Images


    13. Tamagotchis:

    A person holds an older Tamagotchi model in their hands
    Bsip / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    14. Pokémon Go:

    A hand holds out a smartphone showing a Clefairy via Pokemon Go amidst a crowded walkway
    South China Morning Post / South China Morning Post via Getty Images

    "I’ll never forget the summer when Pokémon Go came out. Everybody and their grandparents were playing it. All the parks were full of people just talking and meeting each other. I hate to sound boomer-y, but it made me remember what life was like before smartphones, which is ironic, I guess, because an app made it happen. I wish more technology had the goal of getting people active and outside and interacting with others."


    15. Tebowing:

    NFL Network / Via

    16. "Gangnam Style":

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    17. Rainbow Looms:

    Someone makes a bracelet on a Rainbow Loom while also wearing Rainbow Loom bracelets on their wrists
    Picture Alliance / Picture Alliance via Getty Images

    "Those bracelets that you made with rubber bands on that loom thingy."



    Dimension Films / Via

    19. "I ♡ Boobies!" bands:

    A stack of "I heart boobies" bands
    Keep a Breast Foundation


    You can actually still get a pack of 30 bracelets and support the nonprofit Keep a Breast Foundation for $25.

    20. Furbies:

    A woman holds up a Furby
    Picture Alliance / Picture Alliance via Getty Images

    "I absolutely needed to have one, and when it woke up in the middle of the night, I was over it."


    21. The mannequin challenge:

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    "That was very weird, to be fair."


    22. Planking and YOLO:

    NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Via

    23. Livestrong bracelets:

    A yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet
    Craig F. Walker / Getty Images

    24. Rage comics:

    A rage comic showing all the typical meme characters sitting around a table
    Know Your Meme / Via

    "In 2011, 90% of my Reddit feed was rage comics. Now you never see them."


    25. Ask Jeeves:

    A computer screen shows the homepage for Ask Jeeves, with Jeeves standing next to the search bar
    Newscast / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    26. The Harlem Shake:

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    27. Beyblades:

    Two young boys hold up their Beyblades before letting them rip
    Fiona Hanson — Pa Images / Getty Images


    28. WWJD bracelets:

    A boy wears a WWJD bracelet
    John Chapple / Getty Images

    "WWJD bracelets were EVERYWHERE. I would see WWJD merch all over the place, even WWJD board games."


    29. LMFAO:

    GoonRock / Redfoo / Via

    "LMFAO may be a total train wreck of a music group, but they were also everywhere in 2011 to 2013. You couldn't turn on the radio without hearing, 'I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!' played five times in the span of 30 minutes, and 'PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT!' was a line scream-sung at any nightclub."


    30. Jelly shoes:

    Hot pink jelly shoes
    James Jackson / Getty Images

    "When I was a kid, every little girl’s 'dress-up' shoes were jellies, and they all wore them to church, even though they hurt. Only one movie I’ve ever seen has included jelly shoes."


    31. Hypercolor clothing:

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    "I was a huge nerd in elementary school, and I thought I was gonna be super cool when my mom bought me an off-brand Hypercolor shirt. I wore it to school, and one of the kids who bullied me realized that it would change colors if he spit on it. Then he showed lots of other people. It was the worst day of my elementary school life."


    32. Fidget spinners:

    A hand holding a fidget spinner
    Carol Yepes / Getty Images

    "Remember all those pop-up stalls in shopping centers selling fidget spinners? I sure hope they got their money back."


    33. Cellphones that worked like walkie-talkies:

    A walkie talkie phone by Motorola and Boost Mobile
    Motorola / Boost Mobile / Via

    34. Game of Thrones:

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

    "Never seen something go straight from the forefront of pop culture to forgotten about so quickly."


    35. Pet Rocks:

    A rock in a nest next to a Pet Rock box
    Al Freni / The Life Images Collection via Getty Images

    "I have been breeding them for years."


    36. "What Does the Fox Say?"

    View this video on YouTube

    37. Myspace:

    A screen showing the myspace logo
    Lionel Bonaventure / Getty Images

    38. Butterfly clips:

    Lizzie McGuire, played by Hilary Duff, wearing butterfly clips in her hair
    Buena Vista Television

    39. Alvin and the Chipmunks remixes:

    20th Century Fox / Via

    40. Slap bracelets:

    A young girl showing her snap bracelets on her wrist, with more on the floor
    Yvonne Hemsey / Getty Images

    "Very popular in the early '90s."


    41. The cinnamon challenge:

    View this video on YouTube

    42. Swatch watches:

    Seven different colored Swatch watches laid out
    Jeff Schear

    "I remember being envious of the kids who had those back in the third grade."


    43. Pogs or Crazy Bones:

    A bunch of pogs with different images
    Xavier Rossi / Getty Images

    "They were around so much in the '90s and early 2000s but just disappeared into nothingness."


    44. Ty Beanie Babies:

    Two Beanie Babies bears sitting on a table for a 10-year Beanie Babies anniversary celebration
    Chris Hondros / Getty Images

    45. Second Life:

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    "The virtual reality 'game,' or whatever it was. There was a time when every self-respecting global company just had to have a place there. When people paid real money for its virtual real estate."


    46. Slime:

    Plastic containers full of slime
    Pilea House / Getty Images

    "Thank fucking goodness."


    47. The Budweiser frogs:

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    "Everyone was going around saying, 'Bud.' Someone else would say, 'Wise.' And someone else would say, 'Er.' I even had a couple of different shirts with the sayings on them lol."


    48. The bacon, mustaches, "Keep Calm and ______," and epic fail obsessions

    A blank "Keep Calm and..." template
    Magann / Getty Images

    49. And, lastly, of course — the dress:

    The infamouse blue/black or white/gold dress that went viral

    "People claimed mental breakdowns over it, personality tests showed up out of nowhere for it. Oh, and the whole 'Yanny or Laurel?' thing, too."


    Did any of these jog your memory? Make you nostalgic? Make ya cringe? Let us know what other huge trends have been forgotten about in the comments below!

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