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People Are Showing Off Their Biggest Tattoo Regrets (And I'm Honestly Impressed)

Do your research first, kids.

You ever see someone with a tattoo and just tilt your head, squint your eyes, and think to yourself, Why?

Well, now you don't have to wonder, because we recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to do a lil' show-and-tell with tattoos they regret getting. And they did not disappoint.

To quote a certain police procedural show, these are their stories:

1. "I don't even remember what numbers I supposedly have or what they mean."

A very blurred barcode tattoo on the back of someone's neck

2. "An hour after we get these trendy matching star tattoos, my sister-in-law tells me she hates my brother and has been cheating on him."

A small, solid star tattoo on someone's right foot

3. "I got it right before J.K. Rowling went off the deep end on trans people."

A tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter on someone's wrist in black ink

4. "On my back, I have an '8' (my lucky number) tattoo, which was the first tattoo I ever got."

A tattoo of the number eight with pointed ends on each side with pink roses around it

5. "I got a fucking cabbage-ass flower. The artist was so rude. I'll get it covered, though a part of me thinks it's funny."

A tattoo of a blue flower with a single leaf on someone's knee

6. "Got Patrick from SpongeBob. He’s supposed to be popping out of a puzzle piece — as a nod to a child I loved with autism. But I got it during a flash event, and my artist was stressed and heavy-handed."

7. "Got this a few years back. As soon as it was finished, I regretted it, not because of the words but because of how poorly done it looks."

A tattoo that says, "In dream's We enter a World that's Entirely our own" in a black, inconsistent font

8. "DIY 20 yrs ago. 🤦🏻‍♀️"

Three star outline tattoos that run up the top of someone's right foot

9. "It's not even so much that I regret getting it; I would still get #Yolo. I regret not waiting until I was 18, and getting it done in some sketchy old man's house."

A very faded tattoo that says, "#YOLO" in faded black script on someones ankle

10. "I got this when I was underage. I really wanted it, so my mother lied and said I was a year older so that they would do it. I HAD to get it because 'ICP is soooo cool!!' and 'I'll be a Juggalo for life!!'"

A faded Hatchetman tattoo on the inside of someone's wrist

11. "Got it when I was 19 as a tribute to John Lennon and the song 'Imagine.'"

A peace sign colored in with a faded green gradient and the word "imagine" above it on someone's forearm

12. "What was meant to be a reference to the film Inside Out and supposed to serve as a reminder not to let my emotions control me ended up being an accidental tribute to the Tweenies."

Five dots, in yellow, blue, green, red, and purple, in a circle on someone's ankle

13. "Got this 11 years ago."

A tattoo that says, "Never Say Never" on the inside of someone's wrist

14. "Got it for my 20th birthday because I had a dream that I had the tattoo..."

A faded black Superman symbol tattoo on someone's arm

15. "Crappy little butterfly, ugh!!!"

A tiny butterfly tattoo on someone's ankle, then covered by a large flower with a small, black butterfly silhouette tattoo next to it

16. "Saw a Bob Marley quote that said, 'Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.' Then I read a BuzzFeed article about quotes that people think famous people said but really didn’t."

A tattoo that says, "feel the rain," in black cursive on the inner side of someone's forearm

17. "I don't dislike why I got my tattoo, but I dislike what it looks like."

A tattoo that reads, "live," as the end of the 'E' curves up into a blossoming flower on the inside of someone's wrist

18. "This flower is UGLY. I told the artist that I didn’t like the leaves, but she seemed so annoyed and bothered that I just told her they were fine and went through with the tattoo anyway."

A large black outline of a flower with its stem and leaves on someone's arm

19. "This tattoo is on my stomach, and it's a quote from Catch-22 (great book despite the terrible tattoo)."

A tattoo of a quote from Catch-22 in a plain black font on someone's stomach

20. "I have a stick 'n' poke of a smiley face. It was done when I was 17 and in the back of a dirty car."

A smiley face tattoo with X's for eyes on someone's forearm

21. "I just have what looks like a massive, dark, multicolored bruise on the top of my foot. It's too expensive to remove and waaaay too painful to even try to touch up. I've learned to live with people staring and going, 'Ummm...what is that supposed to be?'"

a black Honu turtle tattoo with the Hawaiian islands tattooed on someone's foot, which is then covered by a colorful galaxy, which has since faded to look like a mixture of colors

Do you have a tattoo you regret? Share in the comments! 👀