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    People Are Sharing The Moment They Realized They Were Old And IDK Whether To Laugh Or Cry

    Where did the time go??

    Have you ever had a moment (or, ahem, several moments) that stops you in your tracks and makes you think, "Uhhh??? I feel OLD."

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    Same, same, same. 😂

    Recently, Reddit user tamedreckless sneezed and threw out their back — then asked the all-too-relatable question: "At what moment did you realize, 'F*ck, I'm old'?"

    There were some brutally honest (and relatable — or am *I* old???) answers. Here are some of the best!

    1. "When I’m signing up for an account on a website, I have to scroll back pretty far to find my birth year now."


    2. "Hearing Green Day and The Offspring on the 'classic rock' radio station."


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    3. "I saw some girls wearing really short dresses without coats in December, and my first thought was, 'She must be freezing.'"


    4. "The first time I decided sleep was preferable to sex."


    5. "When I fell down at work and no one laughed. Instead, three people came running over to make sure I was ok."

    "I’m only 36. I was walking in our break room and stepped down wrong I guess. I fell into the stove and rolled my ankle. Let me assure all of you that I was ok after this fall and have gone on to fall down two different sets of stairs and trip over my dogs on multiple occasions."


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    6. "When I overheard my teenage niece and her friends taking the piss out of 'things Millennials say.'"


    7. "When I find myself grunting and groaning just to bend over to tie my shoes."


    8. "I was coming around the corner of a department store and saw my dad come around the corner at the same time. Turns out, it was a mirror."


    9. "My 12-year-old daughter’s friend told her, 'The amount of times your mom has worn that outfit is ASTRONOMICAL,' and when my daughter repeated it to me, all my hopes of being a 'cool' mom were crushed, and I felt older than I ever have."


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    10. "When I spotted a grey pubic hair. Oddly, this bothered me more than the grey hairs on my scalp."


    11. "When I went to a music festival and slept in a tent after five or so years of not doing so. My god. I needed to get home and take a real shower."


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    12. "I realized my Tamagotchi has been old enough to vote since 2014."


    13. "I was teaching an EMT refresher class and told my audience that they may need to 'MacGyver a solution' if they come upon a certain problem. No one knew what that meant."


    14. "When I stopped looking forward to Christmas. It went from being the most wonderful time of the year to 'It's Christmas and we're all in misery.'"


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    15. "When my son could outrun me."


    16. "Instead of growing facial hair to look older, I'm shaving it to look younger."


    17. "I used to drive for Uber, and one night I realized the college girls I picked up could have been my adult daughters."


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    18. "When I mentioned Mr. T to my wife's friend, and she had no clue who I was talking about."


    19. "When I took off my driving glasses and put on my reading glasses for the first time."


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    20. "When I get excited over things like a new vacuum, new water heater, or a not-plastic silverware tray."


    21. "I was playing basketball alone and a bunch of kids smashed a beer bottle on the other side of the court just for fun."

    "I shouted at them, told them to pick up the pieces, and warned them not to do that ever again. They got scared shitless and apologized. I had never felt older."


    22. "I was invited to a party that started at 9 pm, and I said 'I'll be asleep by then.'"


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    23. "I had to explain to someone how we used to organize meeting up before cell phones became a thing. That and having to use encyclopedias and other books to complete homework."

    "I'm in my mid 30s. The reactions I was getting, it was like I was explaining how to split an atom using two sporks."


    24. "The worker at Dunkin' Donuts gave me a senior discount. I didn't ask for one."


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    25. "When I see popular Reddit posts mentioning celebrities with weird ass names and I'm like, who the fuck are these people?"


    26. "When a kid said, 'What's a DVD?'"

    "Not even a VHS..."


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    27. "Kids born in 2002 to 2003 are in college now. Could've sworn they were always eight."


    28. "Someone asked if I had WAP, and I proceeded to tell them about my phone contract."


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    29. "When I got the invite to my 20th high school reunion. Where did those two decades even GO??"


    30. "I was cleaning out the storage room and came across my old Gameboy."

    "I said to myself, 'Wow, this makes me feel old. It's been like 10 years since this was made.' Got curious and googled it. 1989."


    31. "My son said, 'So wait, mom, you mean to tell me you were born in the 1900s?!?!'"


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