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    Women In Your 20s and 30s, What's A Life Lesson You Wish You'd Learned In Your Teens?

    Tell us what you've learned that's helped you navigate the realities of life as a woman in the 21st century.

    As a millennial woman, you've probably (sorta) gotten the hang of adulting and, well, being a woman in the (and of the) 21st century.

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    So I want to know what advice you have for Gen Z girls and women who are coming into their own in a world that's...still pretty patriarchal, to say the least.

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    I'm not talking Julia Stiles' "comparison is the thief of joy" advice (although that's welcome, too) but advice that helps you navigate the realities of life as a woman in the 21st century.

    For example, share lessons you learned on how to assert yourself with your male colleagues or bosses. (Like asking for a promotion or negotiating salary.)

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    Women deserve equal pay! Also, maybe you had to get comfortable speaking up in meetings.

    Or share advice on how you carry yourself on a day-to-day basis, feeling self-respect and empowered to embrace yourself — in mind, body, and spirit.

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    Were you bullied into dumbing yourself down to be more socially accepted? Or have you felt shame for wearing certain outfits? (Before realizing it's all bullshit.)

    Maybe you had to really figure out how to handle relationships without constantly struggling with gender norms or boundaries.

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    Obviously, you should do what they want because otherwise you don't really love them, right? *Sarcasm.*

    It could also be tips on self-care and self-love in a world that can be so judgemental and harsh!

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    Body hair? Stretch marks? Acne? Shaved head? Not looking like a supermodel? Wanting a full face of makeup? Wanting to wear no makeup at all? Totally valid and okay.

    Alternatively, you could have learned (the hard way) that car dealerships could try to rip you off, that doctors might ignore your very real symptoms, or that you need to look out for yourself in a world that maybe perceives you as kinda helpless.

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    Or the pink tax? Or being thought of as too emotional and dramatic? It's frustrating at best and incredibly harmful at worst.

    And while we love women who uplift and empower women, sometimes it can be hard to navigate relationships with or expectations from them in a society that pits women against each other.

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    Does your mom tell you complaints about your partner are just examples of your necessary sacrifices for your relationship?

    Share whatever advice you have that has helped you navigate the realities of womanhood in the comments below! You could help empower and guide a new generation of young women and be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.